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Which legal expenses insurance should I choose?

Choosing the right insurance can sometimes be overwhelming. Especially if you can put the insurance together yourself. This is the case with legal expenses insurance. You can choose which modules to take out and what you want to be insured for. Not sure which legal expenses insurance to choose? We will gladly help you make your choice!


which legal expenses insurance

Choose coverages that suit your personal situation

Many people find it difficult to decide which legal expenses insurance to choose. The most important thing when composing your legal expenses insurance, is that you choose modules that fit your personal situation. Of course, you can never know in advance what kind of legal conflict you will get into. Therefore, you should think carefully about the situations in which you would like to be properly insured. When is legal assistance really indispensable for you? In addition, you can check whether there is an overlap with other insurance policies you have. For example, do you already have legal aid insured with your car insurance? Then you do not need to activate the module Traffic.

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What are the coverages for a legal expenses insurance?

You can choose from different coverages for your legal expenses insurance. These are also called modules. There are four modules in total, namely Consumer & Living, Income, Traffic and Tax Law & Assets. We will briefly explain them.

Consumer & Living

The Consumer & Living module ensures that you receive legal assistance in the event of conflicts concerning consumer matters. You can think of conflicts about purchases (both online and offline purchases), for example about the delivery time of a product or when you want to reverse a purchase. Problems with a supplier of energy, telephone or internet are also insured. In addition, you can think of conflicts with family members or neighbours. Disputes concerning your home are also covered by this module. For example disputes about the purchase or sale of a home, the rent, the maintenance, a renovation or damage to your home.


The Income module offers legal assistance in the event of employment conflicts. For example, when you are fired, but this is unlawful in your eyes. Or when a conflict arises regarding pregnancy leave, sick leave, pension or the amount of your benefit at the UWV. In case of an employment conflict a legal expenses insurance offers help, both in the form of mediation and in court.


With the module Traffic you are insured for conflicts in traffic. You do not necessarily have to drive a motor vehicle. You are also insured as a pedestrian or cyclist. For example when you are hit by a car and someone causes injury or damage to you or your vehicle. Sometimes a traffic accident results in a conflict about who is to blame. With a legal assistance insurance you get legal help in defending your innocence and in holding the other party liable. Your insurer will also help you recover damages from the other party.

Tax Law and Equity

Finally, there is the module Tax Law & Assets. This module covers all conflicts that concern your assets. Here you can think of conflicts about money and investments, disputes with, for example, the Tax Authorities and conflicts about buying, renting, renovating or building a holiday home.

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Have we helped you decide which legal expenses insurance to choose? Then you can use our online comparison tool to easily compare different insurers, premiums and policy conditions. Once you have entered a few personal details, such as your postcode and family composition, you can select the modules you would like to switch on. You will then get an overview of all legal expenses insurances that meet your criteria. Have you found the best legal expenses insurance? Then you can take out the insurance quickly and easily! If you have any questions, you can always call us at +31 (0)88 - 6883700 or send us a message via e-mail, WhatsApp or Messenger.

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