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18-year-old self-pay liability insurance?

The moment you turn 18, you are officially of age. This comes with a lot of changes and new responsibilities. For example, as an 18-year-old, you can vote, you have to take out your own health insurance and you can drive a car without a supervisor. Often, 18 is also the age at which many young people start a new study programme and may even move into their own house.

Take out liability insurance? Calculate the premium directly!

It is important to review your insurance policies when you turn 18. Before that time, you are often covered by your parents' insurance, but when you turn 18, this no longer applies to every insurance. Now you may wonder: do I also need to take out my own liability insurance when I turn 18? We will explain it to you!

liability insurance 18 years

Not compulsory, but sensible!

Taking out liability insurance is not compulsory, but it is sensible. With a liability insurance you are insured against damage you cause to others. Imagine that at a friend's party you accidentally knock over an expensive vase of her parents. Or that you injure a friend during sports, causing him personal injury. The costs can mount up considerably in the event of damage. As an 18-year-old, your financial buffer is often not yet so large that you can pay the high damage costs yourself. Have your parents already taken out liability insurance? Then as an 18 year old, you are covered. Don't you live at home anymore, but in a room at university for example? Even then you are still insured under your parents' liability insurance.

Take out liability insurance? Calculate the premium directly!

Living at home or on your own

Do you still live at home with your parents? Then with most insurers you are co-insured until the age of 27. If you move out of the house to study, you are also co-insured. The coverage continues as long as you are a student. Have you finished studying and no longer live at home? Then you have to take out your own liability insurance. Even if you are over 27 years of age, you should take out your own liability insurance, even if you are still living or studying at home. In this case, you are no longer covered by your parents' insurance. Different rules also apply if you get married. The maximum age up to which you are co-insured may differ per insurer. Always check the policy conditions of your insurance company.

Are you going to study or do an internship abroad? Then it is important to find out in advance to what extent your liability insurance provides cover. Read more about the coverage abroad here.

Take out liability insurance through Alpina

Are you 18 years old and want to get liability insurance? For example, because your parents don't have one yet? Then take it out directly through Alpina! There are many different insurers offering liability insurance. Therefore it is best to compare them. Calculate immediately an indication of the monthly premium. When comparing, don't only look at the amount of the premium, but also at the coverage and policy conditions. That way you can be sure you are properly insured.

Do you still have questions about taking out liability insurance or would you like to consult us? Our insurance specialists are ready for you. You can reach us Monday through Friday at 088 - 6883700 or send us a message via chat, WhatsApp or Messenger.

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