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As a student, do I need liability insurance?

When your child starts studying and moves into student accommodation, for example, it is a good time to take a close look at all insurances. For instance, what about liability insurance and do students need this insurance? We will explain it to you.

Why take out liability insurance for students?

Liability insurance is sometimes confused with third-party insurance (third-party stands for third-party liability). There is a clear difference, so this is actually not correct. If you drive a car, third-party insurance is compulsory. Liability insurance is not compulsory and is separate from driving. If you have liability insurance, you are covered for damage to third parties. 

Liability insurance mandatory for students?

In the Netherlands, it is not compulsoryto have liability insurance. But accidents can happen and you don't want to be faced with unexpected costs. It can happen that you accidentally drive into a parked car or knock over a bottle of wine on a fellow student's new sofa. In these situations, you are the one who has caused material damage. You are liable and the damage can be recovered from you. These are situations in which you can call upon your liability insurance.

Studying abroad; does my insurance cover this?

If you have chosen a liability insurance with family coverage, your children living at home and children leaving to study are often also insured on your policy. However, is your child going abroad to study or do an internship for a longer period of time? Then it is important to find out to what extent your liability insurance provides cover. Read more about your coverage abroad.

Compare liability insurance

There are many different providers of liability insurance. Which one you choose depends on various factors, such as the desired coverage, for example. But also pay close attention to the conditions. These can differ considerably between insurers. Therefore, you should not only compare the amount of the premium, but also the policy conditions. This way, you can choose the liability insurance that best suits your personal situation.

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