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When does auto insurance not provide coverage?

Sep 17, 2018
3 min reading time

Damage caused with the car to others is compensated by the car insurance. Depending on the type of insurance chosen, damage to the car itself is also compensated. In some cases the car insurance will not pay for the damage. For example, when is this the case?

In exceptional cases, car insurance does not pay out. These situations arise due to improper use of the car, due to natural disasters and in case of illegal acts. In the following cases, car insurance will not pay out or any payout from the insurance will be recovered from you.

Driving a car without a license

Without a driver's license, you may not drive a car. This is established by law. As a result, car insurance also does not provide coverage if it turns out that an unauthorized driver is driving the car. Having a driving disqualification is equivalent to not having a license. A damage done with the car to others will be paid out to the injured party, but the payment can then be recovered from you. In the case of glance damage up to a few thousand euros, it is already a problem, but it can also involve damages of hundreds of thousands of euros.

Car insurance does not provide rental coverage

You may lend your car, but renting it out for a fee is often explicitly excluded in the policy terms. Renting out comes with additional risks, which insurers are not willing to bear. And even if it is allowed, there are other risks. Read our article "Renting out your own car and therisks involved".

Causing an accident under the influence

Driving and drinking do not go well together. When the term "under the influence" is often thought of as drinking, but drug use is not allowed either. In fact, drugs also negatively affect driving ability. You need to be alert behind the wheel, and drinking and drugs are not compatible with that.

Participating in a speed contest

In determining the amount of the car insurance premium, the insurer assumes normal use of the car. A speed race creates a much higher chance of a (extensive) claim. The insurer may also reject a claim if, for example, two cars race on public roads. It is difficult for the insurer to prove this, but it is possible.

Intentionally caused damage is of course also excluded

Causing damage with the car intentionally is of course also out of the question. In this case, too, the injured party may be compensated by the insurer, but the payment is recovered from the person who caused the damage.

Some risks cannot be insured

Then there are the uninsurable risks. For example, damage from an earthquake or flood is also unaffordable to insurers. The damage is too extensive to be insured. The WA + limited casco and the WA casco do offer coverage against lightning, storm and hail damage.

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