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8 RV tips for beginners!

Jan. 20, 2021
6 min reading time

An RV, who doesn't want one? Do you often think about whether it suits you? Driving for hours and watching the landscape go by. Waking up to a different view every day. Some stories do romanticize RV life. We don't want to discourage you, but help with the following tips before you embark on this adventure. After all, some things you'd rather know in advance than after the fact.

Tip 1: Choose the type of motorhome that suits you

Some people buy an RV by feel. The pictures look nice and I like the color of the curtains. But look beyond looks. There are so many different types of RVs that also suit different types of people and especially different types of travel.

  • Buscamper

Do you really only use the motorhome at sleepovers and otherwise spend a lot of time outdoors? Or do you enjoy visiting a city by motorhome? Then a bus camper can be ideal. They are compact inside but therefore also very maneuverable. Ideal for two people.

  • Semi-integral motorhome

These motorhomes are a lot wider. This gives you more living space and is ideal for sitting inside more often if you want to camp even in less nice or colder weather. Often also suitable for 4 beds.

  • Integral motorhome

Similar to a half integral camper only a lot wider in the cabin. This is because the camper is built in one piece. This makes it better insulated and therefore ideal for winter travel. These motorhomes are often a lot bigger and require a bit more of your steering skills.

  • Alcove motorhome

This camper can be recognized by its large "horn" on top of the driver's cabin. This creates more sleeping space and headroom in the camper. Ideal for families!

camper tips beginners

Tip 2: There are free RV spots, but an RV isn't free

With an RV, you can stay at more expensive campsites if you like to use various facilities. You can also stand on a paid camper spot. Often these are basic places but with good sanitary facilities. There are also free camper spots, which the Dutch love. Do not forget that a camper also needs diesel, that you need camper insurance, that you pay road tax and that a camper also needs to be inspected. Here you are often talking about hundreds of euros per year. That makes a free camper spot not a free year with the camper away.

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Tip 3: Properly insure your motorhome

An RV is often a big purchase. You don't want to have to deal with damage or theft, and you don't want to be paid out. Don't forget that you often have a lot of stuff in the camper. Think of valuables such as laptops, tablets or phones. Also check if your insurance covers your household effects. There is often more value in your RV than you think.

Tip 4: Maintain your motorhome properly

Sometimes people think that the camper drives only 3 weeks a year and skip the maintenance checks. Don't forget that standing still also causes deterioration. The brake pads may be rusty, the tires may become square from standing still for too long. Don't let your vacation be ruined with breakdowns on the road. Maintenance is for every year.

Tip 5: When in doubt, rent first

Are you still in doubt about buying a trip? Rent a motorhome first. You have these weeks to test everything out. Because sometimes going to the supermarket means packing everything you need to drive away. You only experience this in practice. Do not buy until you are sure.

Tip #6: It's not just freedom, there are also rules

In Europe, wild camping is allowed in very few places. So you will always have to look for a place where overnight camping is allowed. This can also be a concrete parking lot. Perhaps a little less idyllic than you expected.

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Tip 8: Go for a drive, as you can leave within minutes

You are buying an RV for a reason. This means you like to go on adventures and see a lot. Be sure to do just that. Your water will run out sometime, the toilet will have to be emptied sometime, so you will have to move on sometime. That's what a motorhome is for, and luckily you can leave within minutes. On to the next adventure.

Tip 7: Don't go on the road , suspend your motorhome

If you do not take your campervan on the road much, suspend your camper. This means you do not pay road tax or camper insurance. Please note: You are not allowed to drive on public roads, this is only suitable if the camper is stored for a longer period of time.

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