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How long can a caravan or motor home be parked in front of the door?

Mar. 28, 2022
4 min reading time

Camping season is upon us! That means the motorhomes and caravans are being taken out of storage again and prepared for the upcoming vacation season. Before you go on vacation, there are of course some things you need to prepare. Think about cleaning your camper or caravan, making repairs and of course packing everything. Therefore, it is convenient if the vehicle can be left at your doorstep for some time. But how long can a camper or caravan actually be parked on the street?

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Caravan and motorhome no longer than 3 days at the door

In most municipalities, your caravan or camper may be parked in a public place for a maximum of 3 consecutive days. This regulation is included in the General Local Bye-Law (APV) of a municipality. The regulation applies not only to caravans and campers, but also to folding trailers and trailers. In some municipalities, campers and caravans longer than 6 meters and wider than 2.40 meters are not allowed to park inside built-up areas at all. In most municipalities this rule applies, but the exact number of days may vary from one municipality to another. You can find exactly what rules apply in your hometown in the APV of your municipality.

Private driveway or private parking

Rules also apply when you park the vehicle in your own driveway or parking lot. For example, the camper or caravan may still be visible from the public road, while this is not allowed in every municipality. The rules may vary from municipality to municipality, so always check with your own municipality.

The maximum number of 3 days is there for a reason. If an RV or caravan is parked longer, there could be a lack of parking spaces. In addition, the view of the public road may be restricted. Sometimes people try to get around the rule by moving the vehicle a bit after three days. Unfortunately, then you are still in violation. The idea behind the regulation is that municipalities do not want large vehicles such as caravans and campers parked on public roads for long periods of time, because this disrupts the street view. Therefore, many municipalities replace the word "parking" with "to place" or "to have. Do you need more time to get your camper or caravan ready? Then you can apply to the municipality for an exemption.

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Leaving caravan or camper in front of the door: how high is the fine?

If you override the three-day rule, you will not get an immediate fine from the municipality. They will give you a warning first. Then you can move the camper or caravan to the garage or storage area, or you can travel with it, of course. If you disregard the warning, you can be fined 90 euros. If you do not move the vehicle, you run the risk that your vehicle will be towed away. You will then be charged for the cost of towing the motorhome or caravan and the towing service.

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