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You can insure your motorhome in a vintage motorhome insurance policy

Jun 01, 2018
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Do you have a motorhome that also falls under the heading of oldtimer? You are in luck, because you can get old-timer camper insurance at a very attractive premium. Does the camper have a high value? You can also insure the motorhome at its current value.

Insurers often charge attractive premiums when insuring a vintage motorhome. This is also logically explained. Owners of such vehicles are more economical with their possessions. They are often driven carefully and are well maintained.

When can you opt for vintage motorhome insurance?

The requirements set by insurers vary. There is often a requirement that the vehicle be used recreationally, but this will often be the case with a motorhome. There is also usually a limit on the number of miles you can drive the motorhome. Each insurer may also differ as to when they consider an RV to be a vintage car. So you may find that you can get oldtimer camper insurance with one insurer, but with another insurer you will be much more expensive, because that insurer insures the vehicle on a regular camper insurance policy.

How do you insure your prized possession?

Third-party motorhome insurance is mandatory. So you really can't get out of it. You can leave it at this coverage, but in case of an accident or theft, the choice has financial consequences. The abbreviation WA stands for legal liability. If your vehicle is stolen, you will not be paid anything from the motorhome insurance. In case of an accident caused by you, the insurer only pays the damages of the other party. Your own damage is your responsibility. Do you want a broader coverage for the camper? Then choose the WA + limited casco or WA + full casco. Of course, you will pay a higher premium, but the coverage is also more generous.

Does insuring as a vintage car have any drawbacks?

The low premium is the biggest advantage, but insuring as a vintage car can also have a downside. The insurer may require an appraisal report to determine the value of the motorhome. You bear the cost of the appraisal and the valuation report. Periodically, you must have the RV reappraised for RV insurance. Appraisals are often not required if you choose the standard RV insurance policy. Having it appraised does have a big advantage. This way you can record the value of the camper. This prevents discussions about the value in case of theft, for example.

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