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Is your home child safe?

Jan 30, 2019
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You want your child to feel safe in the house and for the house to feel like a home. Not only should the house feel familiar, it should also be safe in that there is no danger to your child. We have created a simple checklist for each room in the house that may pose a danger to your child's safety. This will make your home child safe in no time.

First and foremost, it is important that you are properly insured. With contents insurance, you insure damage to items in your home that are moveable. Think of your furniture, curtains and appliances. Because prevention is better than cure, below is a checklist on how to childproof your home.

Childproof home checklist

General/Living Room

  • Are all outlets up to 150 cm protected?
  • Are there corner guards on furniture with sharp corners?
  • Is the furniture anchored to the wall with metal corner pieces?
  • Are there no cords with loops on your window decoration?
  • Are all the cords out of reach?
  • Do you have door guards installed on the doors?

Dining Room/Kitchen

  • Are all unsafe (sharp) objects out of reach (cutlery, cleaning supplies, lighters/l matches)?
  • Do the cabinets/drawers have child-resistant closures?
  • Is your child not in the kitchen when you are cooking and when the dishwasher/oven is on?


  • Is your balcony fence shielded? (if the distance between the bars is greater than 10 cm)
  • Do you have safety glass or safety film stuck on the glass?
  • Are large glass surfaces made visible with decals?


  • Have you installed a stair gate at the top and bottom of the stairs?
  • Do you have non-slip upholstery on the stairs or non-slip strips?
  • Are the openings on the side of the stairs no larger than 90 mm?
  • Do you have a sturdy stair railing or an extra children's stair railing at 60 cm high?


  • Is the faucet secured against being turned on or out of reach of your child?
  • Do you have non-slip material in bathtub/shower?

Well insured

If your child does cause an accident at home, it is important that he or she does not get hurt. If this is fortunately not the case, but you do have damage at home, it is important that you are properly insured. Do you want to know through which insurance you can claim compensation? Please contact us.


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