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Your moped insurance coverage.

Third-party liability (mandatory)

  • Free recovery service
  • Damage to others
  • Theft and fire damage
  • Damage to own moped

WA Theft and Fire

  • Free recovery service
  • Damage to others
  • Theft and fire damage
  • Damage to own moped

WA Theft, Fire and Collision

  • Free recovery service
  • Damage to others
  • Theft and fire damage
  • Damage to own moped

Top 3 cheapest moped insurance policies in 2024

€ 6,-

€ 8,-

€ 10,-

€ 12,-

€ 14,-

*Based on a 50-year-old driver with third-party coverage for a scooter max 25km/h

All about moped insurance

Moped insurance does not have to be expensive, but the moped should be properly insured. You can compare good moped insurance at a low premium. We can help with that.

Purchasing moped insurance is mandatory. The obligation applies to third-party coverage. This insurance reimburses costs caused by liability of the insured moped. It is the duty of the person who has the moped in his or her name to take out the compulsory insurance. In the event of an accident with the moped, the other party can contact the insurer directly to file a claim.

What cover does our moped insurance have?

There are three different types of insurance you can choose between when buying moped insurance. The third-party insurance offers the most limited coverage, but is also mandatory. You can supplement this coverage with:

  • Theft and Fire - In addition to civil liability, theft of the moped and fire are also covered with this coverage.
  • Theft, fire and collision - The most comprehensive coverage. This coverage could be called all-risk moped insurance, or WA + full collision insurance, although the term may be different with different insurers.

Are you curious about the level of premium for these coverages? You can calculate it at Alpina.nl.

What coverage suits you and your moped?

Of course you prefer to go for the most comprehensive moped insurance, but the amount of the premium should be reasonable. You are not going to pay a sky-high premium for a moped with only a low value left. A new moped is going to be insured with the most comprehensive insurance. A moped with a value of only a few hundred euros will only be insured for third-party liability. In other cases it is a matter of comparing and making a choice based on the amount of the premium.

What factors play a role when comparing moped insurance?

Factors that play an important role in determining the premium:

  1. What coverage did you choose?
  2. How many claim-free years have you accumulated?
  3. What is your age?
  4. What is your zip code?

Compare moped insurance here>

Tips for cheap moped insurance

You can choose a more limited form of insurance to save premium this way, but that is not the right way. By comparing, you can also save a lot, but without compromising on the quality of the insurance. You can also reduce the premium by contributing claim-free years or switching to another moped insurer.

Reducing the premium with claim-free years

Damage-free driving is rewarded in motor insurance, and this is also the case with moped insurance. With a number of accumulated claim-free years, you can build up an interesting discount on the insurance.

Switching to a different moped insurance

Do you already have insurance for your moped? Is it more than one year since you took out this insurance? In that case, you can cancel the insurance. After one year, insurances can be cancelled daily. There may be a notice period of one month. You can also cancel your insurance during the first year. You can do so, for example, when selling the insured moped and if the insurer decides to increase the premium.

Delivery moped insurance

If you have a moped that you use for food delivery, for example, we have special delivery moped insurance for this.

Insuring a moped without a driving licence

The owner of a moped is required to have moped insurance. Insuring a moped without a driver's license is trickier, but we have the solution. We have specially created a comparator in which we include in the comparison only insurers that do not require having a driver's license. The driver may not drive without a license, but the owner without a license may insure the moped.

Did you know that strict conditions are applied by insurers regarding younger drivers? The reporting the youngest driver is of great importance.

If you allow a younger person than the regular driver listed on the policy to ride the moped or scooter, you are at great risk. This is because there are strict conditions attached to moped insurance, and the consequences of failing to comply with these conditions are enormous. Examples of the possible consequences are:

  • No coverage, in case of damage the costs will be recovered from the policyholder.
  • (Extra) increased own risk, this can be up to €1,000!
Recovery service

Alpina works with 112schade.nl to recover non-covered damage from the other party. Has someone caused damage to you, but you have no coverage on your own policy? 112schade.nl can help you recover the damage from the other party completely free of charge.

Frequently asked questions about moped insurance

If someone else rides my moped, is that person insured?

When you take out moped insurance, it is linked to your moped and not to the person who took out the insurance. It is therefore allowed to let someone else ride a moped. Read more about this>>

Can I insure a moped without a driving licence?

It is mandatory in the Netherlands to have moped insurance if you are the owner of a moped. However, insuring a moped without a driving license is a problem with some insurers. In our comparison tool, we have made a special selection of insurers that do not require you to have a driving license.

Will my moped insurance pay for my damage?

When your moped is damaged, do you call in your moped insurance, but will the insurer pay for the damage to your moped? This depends on the type of insurance chosen and the circumstances of the damage. Read more about this>>

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