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To calculate premiums, we need the zip code of the primary driver. For private use, the youngest driver must reside at the same address as the applicant. In case of business use, you can enter the postal code of the company here.
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All about De Vereende van insurance

Van insurance? At Alpina you can take out van insurance with the Vereende (formerly Rialto insurances). Where regular insurers often drop out when it comes to taking out van insurance, you can do so with the Vereende. One of the main reasons why it is difficult to take out van insurance with a regular insurance company is the increased risk of damage.

Acceptance requirements for van insurance

De Vereende will always accept your application. However, to take out van insurance De Vereende does impose some conditions:

  • You are requested to pay the premium at least 3 months in advance, also in case of monthly payment
  • Your insurance will only take effect upon receipt of the first premium AND a signed application form
  • In most cases, you will be asked to pay a deposit of an average of €175 in advance. If, at the end of the insurance, it turns out that you have not suffered any damage, you will get this amount back.

Van insurance 3 different types of cover

When taking out van insurance with De Vereende, you can choose from three different types of coverage:

We will be happy to explain which form suits you, your company or your delivery van best.

Third-party liability coverage is mandatory. TPL stands for legal liability and provides compensation for damages due to liability, to the other party. If you or an employee of your company causes an accident with the van, the injured party can recover damages from your insurance company. The damage incurred by your van is not covered in this case. Third-party insurance only covers damages to third parties for which you are liable.

With limited casco coverage, in addition to the damage you cause with your van to third parties, damage to your own van by fire, storm, theft or broken windows, among other things, is also covered. Damage to your van that you caused yourself, for example by a collision, is not compensated.

The most comprehensive coverage you can choose for your van is the all-risk or full collision coverage. With this coverage, in addition to everything covered under limited collision coverage, all damage to your van is also covered.

In general, if another insurer considers the risk too 'large or too heavy', De Vereende will look for an insurance option.

De Vereende van insurance costs

The costs of a delivery van insurance with De Vereende are higher than the costs of a regular (delivery) car insurance. You must also take into account that you must pay the premium at least 3 months in advance. This also applies if you opt for monthly payment. In most cases De Vereende also charges a deposit of an average of €175. This must be paid in advance. If no damage has occurred at the end of the insurance policy, this amount will be refunded to you.

A great advantage of De Vereende is that your insurance will almost always be accepted.

Additional coverages for a delivery van insurance with De Vereende

In addition to the standard coverages mentioned above, there are additional coverages you can take out for your van. Accident-occupant insurance and damage-occupant insurance are frequently chosen additional policies. With these policies, you will be paid an amount in the event of damage to the occupants or their belongings as a result of an accident. In addition, you can also co-insure roadside assistance.

De Vereende intermediary

Alpina is an intermediary of De Vereende. This means that with us you can take out insurance with De Vereende.

Apply online for van insurance at De Vereende

It is possible to apply for car insurance with De Vereende online. We advise you to use our comparison module where you see the results of the regular companies. You choose the company you like and complete the application by filling in all questions truthfully. There is a chance that the company can still accept you at the regular rate. Should this not be the case, we will send you a proposal for De Vereende.
Please note that an insurance with De Vereende can only take effect after you have paid the first premium AND after you have returned the signed application form. You will receive the application form from us by e-mail.

De Vereende Insurances

There are different types of insurance offered by De Vereende, namely:

  • De Vereende car insurance. This insurance will always be accepted, but the premium is higher than for a regular car insurance.
  • De Vereende Liability Insurance With De Vereende's liability insurance you are insured against damage you accidentally cause to another person or another person's property.
  • De Vereende contents insurance. This insurance covers all moveable property (items in the house that can be moved) that belongs to your private household.
  • De Vereende motorbike insurance. This insurance covers the risk that you cause damage to others with your motorbike; you can also insure damage to your own motorbike.
  • De Vereende building insurance. With this insurance you insure damage to your house and the immovable goods belonging to it (goods in the house that cannot be moved, i.e. are earth- and nailproof).
  • De Vereende scooter insurance. With the De Vereende scooter insurance you insure the risk of your scooter causing damage to others. Besides, you can also insure your own scooter against for example damage or theft.
  • De Vereende taxi insurance. This insurance offers coverage throughout the Netherlands, including the major cities.

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