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What is good car insurance for a novice driver?

When you buy a car after getting your driver's licence, you want to make sure you have a good car insurance. It is common knowledge that car insurance for young novice drivers is not cheap. Young people up to 24 years old pay considerably more for car insurance because of a premium surcharge. Statistics show that young people cause more damage. Young drivers are more often involved in an accident and therefore belong to a risk group. How to choose a good car insurance for a young driver?

Car insurance for novice drivers more expensive?

Every owner of a car is legally obliged to insure the car. This obligation to insure applies from the moment the registration number is registered. The most important and obligatory part is the third-party insurance. Everyone who owns a car with the registration number in his or her name is therefore obliged to have at least third-party insurance. There are a number of factors that are important when taking out car insurance for novice drivers. It is important whether you buy a new or second hand car. Generally, you will choose a different kind of cover for a new car than for a used one. The cost of car insurance depends to a large extent on the cover you choose.

What coverages are there for car insurance?

The three standard forms of car insurance are:

When buying a car, you should immediately take out at least a third-party insurance. Damages caused to others are covered by this insurance. For cars of 10 years or older, often only the obligatory third-party insurance is chosen. With this insurance, damage to your own car is not covered.

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A good alternative with a broader coverage is the WA limited casco insurance. Not only the damage to others is compensated with this coverage. Also damages caused by a collision with stray animals, hail and storm, lightning, fire and explosion, window breakage, theft and attempted theft are covered by the WA limited hull insurance. This coverage is often chosen when a car is between 6 and 10 years old.

For new cars up to about 6 years old, the most comprehensive cover is often chosen, namely all-risk insurance. With this cover, damage to your own car caused by collisions is also reimbursed by your own insurer. In addition, vandalism damage is also insured with the all-risk cover.

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What are important factors when buying car insurance for beginners?

When you take out a car insurance policy, a number of things play an important role in determining the premium. Besides the chosen coverage discussed above, these factors also play an important role:

  • age of the regular driver
  • the number of claim-free years
  • postcode

Age is an important factor in determining premiums. However, insurance companies do not only look at age. The premium also depends on the type of car and its power. A new or more sporty car is often more difficult to insure for young people.

Are there claim-free years for beginners?

Claim-free years make car insurance more affordable. They give you the right to a discount on the premium. By putting a car insurance in your name, you build up claim-free years. You build up claim-free years as long as you do not make any claims. Whether or not you have claim-free years makes a big difference. Because new drivers have no or very few claim-free years, they cannot get a discount on the premium.

Car insurance in parents' name is it possible?

Many novice drivers who want to take out car insurance think they are being sensible by insuring their car in their parents' name. This can indeed save on premiums. But make sure the car is registered in the name of one of the parents. The car insurance should always be in the name of the owner of the car or his/her partner. However, when the car insurance is taken out, the regular driver is asked. If one of the parents indicates that this is the young person, the insurer will base the premium on the young person and you will still pay a higher premium. If the parents conceal the fact that their child is the regular driver, this can have serious consequences. In this case insurance fraud is committed because incorrect information has been provided to the insurer.

Can I insure my car directly?

It is important that you insure the car from the moment you are the owner of the car and the license plate is in your name. Many people wrongly think that it is allowed to insure the car only when they return home. Driving in an uninsured car is punishable by law and can result in a hefty fine. When you drive home from the garage and during this drive you suffer damage, then there will be no compensation if the car was not insured yet.

Before you drive the car, it must be insured. It is also important that the car has had a compulsory MOT and that it is still valid.

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