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Is it wise to change car insurance after a claim?

Switching car insurance often has several advantages. It may be that you are cheaper with another insurer or that the policy conditions of another insurer better suit your personal needs. With car insurance you build up claim-free years. The more claim-free years you have, the more premium discount you get. How much premium discount you get differs per insurer. If you claim damage with the insurer, it will be at the expense of your premium discount. Therefore, it may be that you are better off with another insurer. Switching car insurance after a claim can be wise. However, if you have negative claim-free years, switching is not always wise. On we explain it to you.

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switching after damage

Switching after negative claim-free years

You build up one claim-free year for every year you do not make a claim. If you make a claim, you lose 5 claim-free years. You will receive a malus registration if you have negative claim-free years on your car insurance. You then have less than 0 claim-free years. When you have negative claim-free years, it is generally not wise to switch to another car insurance. Most people change their car insurance to be cheaper. With a negative claim-free years, the chance that you will find a cheaper insurance than your current insurance is small. Moreover, it is not always possible to switch with a malus registration, because few insurers will accept such a request. Therefore, it is often wiser to stay with your current insurer or intermediary.

In order to cancel your malus registration and build up your claim-free years again, you need to drive without claims. Unfortunately, this does not happen quickly. In case of damage you lose 5 claim-free years in one go. You then have to drive 5 years damage-free to make up for one claim. Do you currently have a malus registration and would you like to switch? Then there are certainly possibilities. However, you will have to take into account a high premium and it may turn out that it is better to switch when you no longer have any negative claim-free years.

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Switching after damage? Through Alpina, you can compare easily and quickly!

Are you unsure if it is wise to switch after damage? At you can make an online comparison. You do this by entering a number of details about yourself and your car. We will also ask you for the number of claim-free years. Based on this information, you will get an overview of car insurance, including the corresponding premiums. This way you can quickly see whether it pays to switch or whether it is better to stay with your current car insurer.

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