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Home contents insurance has been refused: what now?

You want to take out home contents insurance. But you are not accepted by various insurance companies. This is, of course, very annoying at a time when you would like to be insured. What can you do when your home contents insurance is refused?

Home contents insurance refused

How can I prevent my home contents insurance from being refused?

The examples mentioned above are reasons for an insurer to refuse you. Now, it can happen to anyone that a bill is paid too late. It becomes different if you forget this several times. Then there may be consequences. The consequence is that you will be registered as a defaulter. To avoid this, it is important to pay your bills on time.

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How come my home contents insurance has been refused?

There can be various reasons why your home contents insurance has been refused. Of course, it can happen that you pay the bill too late, or that your bill gets lost during a move. But if this happens more than once, there may be consequences.

Insurers can also refuse your home contents insurance if too many claims are made. Of course, they will not do this after the first or second claim. But they can punish multiple claims with an increase in premium, a reduction in coverage or ultimately the cancellation of the policy (expulsion). This must be stated in the terms and conditions of your car insurance policy, including the notice period.

In the following situations, insurers can refuse your home contents insurance:

  • Default
  • Criminal record
  • Driving disqualification
  • Fraud
  • (Too many) damages
  • Uninsured for too long
  • Young driver in combination with a fast/apartment vehicle

Insurers can decide for themselves who they do or do not want as a customer, as they have no obligation to accept. Only the healthcare insurers are obliged to accept someone for the basic insurance at all times. For each insurance application, insurers consult the database of the CIS Foundation. You may be registered at Stichting CIS for various reasons. This may have to do with fraud, damages and driving disqualifications, among other things.

CIS is the abbreviation for Central Information System. Insurers and proxies can place registrations in this national database. The purpose of this database is to make risks manageable and to prevent fraud as much as possible. When an insurer registers you with Stichting CIS, they will inform you of this in writing. They will also draw your attention to the fact that you must report the details when applying for new insurance. The CIS registration is also known as the "Black list".

What can I do if my home contents insurance is refused?

At Alpina, we look with the client for a possible solution. Initially, we will always try to place the insurance with a regular insurer with whom we work. Is there no possibility? Then we can offer you an alternative at De Vereende (Formerly Rialto). This company will almost always accept insurance but the premiums here are many times higher than with regular insurance companies. In addition, this insurer requires that the premium be paid in advance for the first 3 months.

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