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De Vereende (formerly Rialto Insurance).

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  • To calculate premiums, we need the zip code of the primary driver. For private use, the youngest driver must reside at the same address as the applicant. In case of business use, you can enter the postal code of the company here.
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Always Acceptance
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De Vereende (formerly Rialto Insurance). is the company that is willing to insure special risks where regular companies give up. Here you should mainly The united Rialto insuranceThink of persons who are no longer welcome at regular airlines because they:

  • have driven or caused many damages
  • are in arrears with the payment of premiums
  • have been convicted criminally
  • have beendisqualified from driving
  • have committed fraud

De Vereende will always accept the car insurance, but the premium is higher than for a regular car insurance. Also, you often have an excess with a third-party insurance. This excess must be paid in advance together with the premium.

Who is the Vereende intermediary?

Alpina is a De Vereende intermediary. This means that you can take out insurance with us from De Vereende.

What are the underwriting requirements at De Vereende?

De Vereende sets some conditions for taking out an insurance policy

  • You pay the premium at least 3 months in advance, also with monthly payment
  • The insurance only comes into effect after receipt of the first premium AND a signed application form
  • In most cases De Vereende also charges a deposit of an average of € 175. This must be paid in advance. If no damage has occurred at the end of the insurance policy, this amount will be refunded to you.

Claim-free years and De Vereende how about that?

At De Vereende it is also possible to transfer your accumulated claim-free years. This gives you more discount and lowers the premium. De Vereende initially assumes 0 claim-free years when calculating the premium. If a check in Roy-data shows that you have more than 0 claim-free years, the policy will be adjusted and any excess premium paid will be refunded.

When does the insurance start?

The insurance only takes effect after receipt of the first premium and the signed application form.

Persons on the "blacklist" what does that mean?

If a person is on the 'blacklist', as it is popularly called, because of fraud, a claims history or a criminal past, then De Vereende can be a solution. Incidentally, this 'black list' for insurance does not exist. You can be registered when you have submitted a claim to your insurer. Persons who have been expelled by the insurance company because they did not pay the premium on time can also come to De Vereende. De Vereende will be able to insure a car in almost all cases. The premium, however, is higher than with a 'normal' company. Also, in case of non-payment, the annual premium must be paid in advance.

Special vehicles or special use can it be done?

For special vehicles you can also contact De Vereende. You should think of floats, quads, trikes or segways. Besides, De Vereende has possibilities for vehicles that are used as taxis .

How high is the premium with De Vereende?

De Vereende offers tailor-made solutions. This means that it is not possible to indicate in advance how much the premium will be. We advise you to calculate the premium for a car insurance on our site. We will first check whether there is a solution within the 'normal' companies. If this is not the case, we will request a tailor-made offer from De Vereende. You will receive this offer by e-mail.

Applying for De Vereende insurance online

It is possible to apply online for insurance at De Vereende. We advise you to use our comparison module where you can see the results of the regular companies. You choose the company you like and go through the entire application by filling in all the questions truthfully. There is a chance that the company can still accept you at the regular rate, but should this not be the case, then you will receive a proposal for De Vereende from us.

Please note that insurance with De Vereende can only take effect after you have paid the first premium AND after you have signed and returned the application form that you received from us by e-mail. Therefore, it may take a few days before you have coverage.

What Vereende insurance policies are there?

There are different types of insurance offered by De Vereende, namely:

De Vereende liability insurance

With the liability insurance of De Vereende you are insured against damage that you accidentally cause to another person. Or to other people's belongings. How can you insure yourself?

- liability for you alone
- Liability for you and your family. You can also insure your children living in rooms for their studies. Even your pets! If they accidentally cause damage, it is covered.

De Vereende contents insurance and building insurance

De Vereende is a special insurer for special risks. Thus, anyone who cannot take out household insurance with another insurer can qualify for a De Vereende insurance. Also when you:

- has had many claims in a short period of time;
- Has not paid his or her premiums;
- has committed fraud;
- has a criminal record

In general, if another insurer considers the risk too 'large or too heavy', Vereende will gladly look for an insurance option.

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Now with free recovery service
  • To calculate premiums, we need the zip code of the primary driver. For private use, the youngest driver must reside at the same address as the applicant. In case of business use, you can enter the postal code of the company here.

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