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Code of Conduct on informed consent

On 25-07-2009, the Dutch Association of Insurers adopted the Code of Conduct for Informed Renewal and Contract Terms in Private Non-Life Insurance.

What are the new rules?

The starting point is that, as from 1 January 2010, private non-life insurance policies have a contract term of one year. If the policyholder wants to deviate from this, he or she will have to indicate this explicitly by means of an additional signature. The regulation applies to all private non-life insurances with the exception of accident and disability insurances. We will implement this arrangement as follows:

New private non-life insurance policies

From 1 January 2010, new private non-life insurance policies can only be concluded with a contract term of 12 months. If the principal permits, it is possible to conclude a multi-year contract for certain types of insurance within click & close. The policyholder must explicitly confirm this. To this end, an additional question is included when taking out the insurance and subsequently an additional clause is placed on the policy. This clause will confirm the different contract period.

Existing private non-life insurance

As of 1 March 2010, all private contracts will be converted to annual contracts as per the next contract expiry date. The insurance companies will inform the policyholders as of the prolongation date of March 2010. The prolongation notice will include a notice about the extension of the policy and the possibility to terminate it as per the contract expiry date. In accordance with the code of conduct of the Dutch Association of Insurers, it will be possible to cancel insurance policies on a daily basis after renewal. The notice period is then 30 days. This will also be stated on the prolongation note.

More information?
For more information, please refer to the document below:
- Code of Conduct Association of Insurers

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