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What does an insurer understand by recreational use?

When you purchase RV insurance, you specify how your RV will be used: daily or recreational. An insurer distinguishes between these, because the risk may differ for each type of use. If a motorhome is also used for commuting, the risk for the insurer is higher and this affects the amount of the insurance premium. Do you only take your RV on vacation? Then you are using it recreationally. On we explain exactly what an insurer understands by recreational use and how this affects your motor home insurance.

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recreational use

Difference between daily use and recreational use

An insurer understands recreational use to mean that you use the camper for weekends, holidays or possibly day trips. It does not matter whether this is in the Netherlands or abroad. If you use the camper for recreational purposes, you really use it to go on a trip. Do you also use the camper for home shopping or commuting? Then this falls under daily use. The more often you use a vehicle, the greater the risk of damage. That is why insurers often charge a higher premium for daily use of a campervan. There are also some insurers who only insure recreational use of a campervan.

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Motorhome insurance for recreational use

In most cases, the motor home is only used to go on holiday. It is after all the perfect holiday vehicle. In that case, most insurers will offer you a motorhome insurance. When you start looking for the best motor home insurance, you can start by comparing motor home insurances. This can be done with our online comparator. You fill in some data about your motor home, like the weight and value, and choose the desired coverage(WA, WA+ or Allrisk). You will then receive an overview of all the providers that meet your requirements. We advise you not only to look for the lowest premium, but also for the coverage. The coverage is at least as important for a good motorhome insurance.

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At Alpina\.nl we have the right motorhome insurance for both recreational and daily use. Once you have found a motorhome insurance policy that suits your needs after comparing, you can then purchase it directly online.

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To calculate premiums, we need the zip code of the primary driver. For private use, the youngest driver must reside at the same address as the applicant. In case of business use, you can enter the postal code of the company here.
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