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Alpina Carefree Bicycle Plan: all the Netherlands on a good bike

Financing + insurance + roadside assistance from €55 per month

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It is the joint mission of Alpina, Lender & Spender and Kingpolis to help all of the Netherlands get a good bike with the help of your bicycle store.

That's why we joined forces, to make it manageable for even more customers to buy a good bike through the Alpina Carefree Bicycle Plan: financing + insurance + roadside assistance in one convenient total package!

Through this plan, you can easily finance your dream bike, possibly right in the store! Are you in?

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6 years of worry-free cycling

The Alpina Carefree Cycling Plan is packed with extras: you receive everything that comes with 6 years of carefree cycling:

  • staggered payment
  • award-winning Kingpolis Bicycle Insurance
  • 24/7 European Breakdown Assistance

In addition, it can obviously be nice to take out a maintenance subscription with your ride store.

That's how easy the Alpina Carefree Bicycle Plan works:

  1. You pick out your dream bike at your ride store.
  2. you scan the QR code on the back, possibly already directly in the store.
  3. Within a few online steps, you'll see if you qualify.
  4. If your application is approved, the bike store will be paid and you can pick up the bike.

Sports bike loan for bikes from €2,500 and up

The interest rate shown here is an example and may vary at the time of application. However, the interest rate offered to you when you take out a loan is always fixed for the entire term.
Credit Wish Duration Interest Interest & redemption Insurance & roadside assistance Total
€ 2.500 72 months 9% €48 p/m €7 p/m €55 p/m
€ 5.000 72 months 9,7% €91 p/m €8 p/m € 99 p/m
€ 7.500 72 months 9,7% € 127 p/m €9 p/m € 136 p/m
€ 10.000 72 months 8,29% € 175 p/m €13 p/m €188 p/m

Well regulated

Through the Alpina Carefree Bicycle Plan, you determine the credit amount for your bicycle, with a minimum amount of € 2,000. This amount must be repaid within a maximum of 6 years and before the age of 76. There is no early repayment penalty.

Accessories can be co-financed. Trade-in or down payment to reduce the credit amount is possible. You own the bike immediately. At the end of the term the trade-in value is yours. One difference with leasing: you have to return the bike and are left empty-handed.

In addition, reselling the bike is now also possible. Inquire about current interest rates. Once the term has started, the interest rate is fixed for the entire term. Typos subject to change.

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Lender & Spender, Holland's top-rated lender.

Kingpolis Bicycle Insurance

Through Alpina you receive our exclusive Kingpolis Bicycle Insurance. For 6 years our bike insurance has been tested as best by the Consumers' Association.

  • No depreciation for 5 years
  • 3 years of co-insured price increase
  • 24/7 European Breakdown Assistance

The Kingpolis Bicycle Insurance is included in the monthly fee of the Alpina Carefree Bicycle Plan. You don't have to worry about this.

Financing + insurance + roadside assistance from €55 per month

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