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How do we keep courier insurance affordable?

Aug 27, 2018
3 min reading time

Courier insurance is difficult when you compare it to insuring a passenger car. Many insurers do not offer courier insurance at all. Nevertheless, we can keep the premiums competitive for you.

With a car used by a courier, compared to a passenger car, for example, damage is caused more often on average. The courier makes intensive use of the vehicle and fast delivery provides additional income. Because of this, insurers are cautious about taking out courier insurance. This does not have to be your problem. We would like to explain how we keep courier insurance affordable.

We have found cheap courier insurance

When comparing car insurance, you have a wide choice between different insurers. With courier insurance, this choice is hardly there. There are several providers, but some insurers charge a very high premium. We have therefore already made a preselection. At Alpina.nl you can calculate within a few minutes how much premium you will spend on courier insurance.

Which cover do you choose?

The WA cash courier insurance offers the broadest coverage. This insurance also pays out for the own damage caused by, for example, a collision. For an older car, this type of insurance is not appropriate. The amount of the premium has to be in proportion to the current value of the car. The WA courier insurance is mandatory. This insurance pays for damage caused to others. On our website you can compare the different types of insurance. This gives you the opportunity to make a well-considered choice.

We keep the excess limited

There are insurers who want to put too much of the risk on you. For example, they charge an excess of €2,000 or more. This enables insurers to keep the premium relatively low, but in our opinion this is not the right way to reduce the premium. Paying a few thousand euros yourself in the event of a claim is undesirable and also unnecessary. We have found an insurer who limits the excess to €500. Compared to other motor insurances, this is a high excess, but it is still a comparatively expensive insurance.

Insuring the vehicle secretly on van insurance?

A delivery van that you use for the delivery of products can of course also be insured on a delivery van insurance. However, we advise against this. A car that is used as a courier should also be insured as such. Otherwise, you run the risk of having to pay the costs yourself in the event of damage.

Do you already have courier insurance? It may be possible to transfer the insurance.

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