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6 Tips on buying a caravan on eBay

Jan. 12, 2021
5 min reading time

If you want to buy a caravan through Marktplaats, there are a number of things you need to consider. Here you can read more about 6 tips when buying a caravan through Marktplaats.

Tip 1: Make sure the inspection is already done

A caravan must be inspected before it can be allowed on public roads. If you are buying a caravan make sure that the inspection has already been done. Fortunately, most second-hand car avans have already been inspected, but if they haven't, there can be extra costs for broken parts. Always ask the seller in advance if the caravan has already been inspected or if it still needs to be inspected.

buy caravan marketplace

Tip 2: Cheap caravan insurance

Every caravan needs caravan insurance. Since a caravan is expensive and it also contains valuable items, insurance is useful anyway. A caravan can easily be damaged by stones on the road, by hail or vandalism. What can also happen is theft or an accident, so you are insured against all of these with the right insurance. Through you can compare different caravan insurances. This way you can find out which insurance suits you best.

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Tip 3: Value for money

On Marketplace, some products are offered for too much money than the actual value of the product, this is also the case with a caravan. So look carefully at what you get for the price for which the caravan is offered. Look carefully at the Value for Money, what do you get for what you have to pay for. If one caravan has a shower and it is cheaper than a caravan with no shower, choose the one with a shower. This is because there you will get more for less money. This is because there is no standard price for the caravans but the sellers set the price themselves.

Tip 4: Provide all the facilities you need

If you buy a caravan don't take the cheapest one but make sure it has everything you want. If you only have room in a caravan for 1 person and you are there with 2 people just go for a caravan that is made for 2 people too, despite the other caravan being cheaper. This way you can enjoy your caravan to the fullest.

Tip 5: No unnecessary facilities

Another thing you should not have are unnecessary facilities in your caravan. For example, if you have a shower in your caravan but never use it do not take a caravan with a shower. This is all extra weight and the more weight the more fuel your car will use to tow the caravan. Once you have your caravan also make sure you do not have unnecessary items in your caravan, again to save weight for less fuel consumption.

Tip 6: Don't buy without looking

This tip actually means to think about it carefully before buying a caravan. Do not buy a caravan overnight but think about it very carefully. After all, a caravan is an expensive purchase and you should certainly not regret it afterwards, or the situation that you miss certain things in the caravan that you actually want to use a lot. There are plenty of caravans on offer on Marktplaats so if necessary, think about it for a month and then ask yourself if you are still interested in it.

These were the 6 tips you should pay attention to when buying a caravan on Marketplace. Read this list again carefully at the time you actually want to buy this caravan. The most important thing is that you know what you want in and on the caravan, that you take the time to think carefully about buying the caravan and the value for money. What do you get for what you pay. If you start using these tips you will be fine with the purchase of your caravan.

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