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How to save on courier insurance

Jul 15, 2018
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Courier insurance is insurance with a high premium, but there are ways to save. Apply our effective tips and still pay a reasonable premium for courier insurance.

When insuring, insurers assess the level of risk. If a van is used to deliver goods, the insurer knows that the insured is actively using the car. Also, several people are likely to drive it. So there is also a higher risk of damage compared to, say, a passenger car. Still, you can keep the premium as low as possible. How? We are happy to explain it to you.

Do you still have accrued claim-free years?

Claim-free driving can greatly reduce your courier insurance premium. For example, with five claim-free years, you will pay tens of dollars less per month for insurance than with zero years. Have you terminated a business car insurance policy in recent years? Possibly this still contained claim-free years that you can now use again for courier insurance. You can even choose to take the accumulated claim-free years from another business car insurance policy so that you can use them again for the courier insurance. On the most expensive insurance, the claim-free years have the greatest effect.

Go for an older car

For insurance, it makes a big difference whether you only insure the car against third-party liability or more comprehensive. With an older car with only a limited value, you may not need the expensive WA + full collision. This will save you tens of euros per month. Maintenance costs will be higher on average, but this is offset by a low purchase price.

Pay the premium per year

Insurers give a discount on the premium if you pay the premium annually. First, they receive the amount in one lump sum in advance and second, they are also less likely to default. This is because they receive the amount right away for an entire year. Do not overestimate this advantage, as the differences are often only small. This is not the most effective way to reduce the premium.

Do not apply for courier insurance from any insurer

Not all insurers offer courier insurance. For those insurers that do cover it, there is also a need to be careful. We have on already selected a cheap insurer for you. We know the insurance market well and know where the best place to get your courier insurance is. This saves you time and money, because we have already identified the best proposal for you.

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