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Minors (children, adolescents) and liability; what exactly is the situation?

May 01, 2018
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Especially parents with minor children cannot do without liability insurance. This is because with children, you are much more likely to suffer liability damages. What about if children or adolescents intentionally cause damage? Can you claim this?

You take out liability insurance (AVP) for yourself and family members. Even the dog, the rabbit and the live-in mother-in-law are co-insured. Young children are unpredictable because of their playfulness and wantonness. Arson, vandalism or even joyriding cannot be completely ruled out. Liability insurance does not cover intentionally caused damage, but there is an exception for children up to 14 years of age.

When are intentional damages compensated?

Parents are subject to strict liability for their children until they are 14 years old. Because of this form of liability, you can argue that intentionally caused damage by children up to age 14 is claimable on liability insurance. From the age of 14, this is no longer the case. The insurer can then reject intentionally caused damages. It is up to insurers how strictly they apply this, but under the terms of the liability insurance policy, they can reject the claim.

What about damages caused by joyriding?

When damage is caused with a motor vehicle, the compulsory third-party auto insurance pays the other party's damages. With joyriding it is different. Joyriding is often excluded in the policy conditions of the car insurance. If your son or daughter is guilty of joyriding and also causes damage with the car, you can try to file the claim caused by his or her liability on the AVP. But unfortunately, that won't work. This is because liability caused with motor vehicles is excluded. Even if the person causing the damage is not yet 14 years old.

Liability insurance? You don't have to worry about the cost!

The cost of liability insurance depends in part on family composition, but this insurance is also quite affordable for a family with children. A family pays a premium of about €5 or €6 per month. Families without children and singles pay even less. If you accidentally injure another person, you can claim the insurance for it. These are also the major risks you take out this insurance for.

Even if you don't have children, liability damages can be quite expensive. Want to know more about liability insurance? Calculate the premium at and take out the insurance right away.

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