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Suspension for several years possible

Feb 11, 2019
3 min reading time

As of January 3 of this year, it is possible to suspend a vehicle for a period of 2 or 3 years. The suspension no longer needs to be renewed every year.

If, for example, you purchase an old-timer with the aim of restoring it, you can have the registration number suspended at the RDW. During a suspension you do not have to pay road tax and the old-timer does not have to have a valid MOT. The oldtimer insurance can be stopped temporarily.

Choosing a longer suspension period will save you time and effort. The annual cost of suspension remains the same whether you suspend for 1 year or 2 or 3 years.

Can a suspension be extended?

Is the license plate of your vintage car already suspended and would you like to have it suspended for several years? You can have the suspension extended from no more than 6 weeks before the end date. The new end date of the suspension is equal to the end date of the old suspension plus 1, 2 or 3 years. The duration of the suspension is of course up to you.

Suspending a license plate can this be done?

You can place, extend or lift a suspension easily and quickly via the RDW website.
You can apply for a suspension online or when online is not possible through a counter.

You can undo the suspension at any time, free of charge.

When the suspension is lifted, the RDW will inform the tax authorities. If you want to lift the suspension, then from that moment on you must start paying road tax again on an old-timer that was put into use less than forty years ago. You must also ensure that you have a valid MOT and car insurance. Without a valid MOT, you cannot get a car insurance.

Can you compare vintage car insurance?

Are you the proud owner of a vintage car? Naturally, you want to insure it as well and cheaply as possible.
There is only one way to find out which vintage car insurance is the best, and that is to compare.
It would be a shame not to compare. This can result in you paying too much, besides, comparing only takes you a few minutes.

Almost all insurers offer the same coverages in vintage car insurance, yet the premium differences are very large. In fact, the most expensive insurer often charges twice as much as the cheapest insurer. The difference is hard to explain, but it is easy to take advantage of it. By comparing, you more or less play insurers against each other.

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