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Insuring a car at the weekend: is that possible?

Insuring a car at the weekend? When a car is registered in your name, you are obliged to insure it. Even if you are not yet using it, you are obliged to take out car insurance. How do you solve this if you get the car at the weekend? Calling the insurer is probably not an option. Chances are that they are closed on weekends. The solution lies online.

Just call the insurer and pick up the car. You can do that, but by comparing you can insure your new car cheaper. Also, the opening hours of the insurer often do not correspond to the time at which you can pick up the car. Insurers often have limited telephone access during the weekend. You can compare car insurances online and take out a policy right away. The application is sent to an insurer and you immediately have provisional coverage. Also in the weekend.

car insurance weekend

Car insurance at the weekend: what does provisional cover entail?

If you are going to insure your car at the weekend, you will need provisional cover.

Provisional coverage means that the car insurance already provides coverage, but the final acceptance by the insurer still follows. The insurer can still reject the insurance. In case of rejection by the insurer, you will normally be given time to find other car insurance.

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What happens in case of damage?

In the case of provisional cover, the insurer already provides cover for the car insurance policy applied for. In the event of a claim, full cover is therefore assumed. Even if the insurer, on further assessment of the application, comes to the conclusion that they are not going to take out the insurance. Of course, this does not apply in the case of fraud or concealment. In this way you can insure your car during the weekend.

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