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How long is a Green Card valid?

As a vehicle owner, you are required by law to have at least third-party insurance for your car. With third-party insurance, you are insured for damage you cause to another person. After taking out car insurance, you will automatically receive a green card. With this you can prove that your car is insured. The green card is an international certificate of insurance. However, a green card is not valid indefinitely. Want to know how long a green card is valid? found out for you.

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Green card valid

Green card Valid for over a year

The validity date of your green card is indicated on the card itself. In principle, a Green Card is valid for one year. However, most Green Cards are valid for 13 months. Every year, when you renew your insurance policy, the insurer will automatically send you a new green card. Of course, it is possible that you are on holiday when your car insurance policy is renewed. Therefore, we have chosen to give the green card a validity period of 13 months. This prevents you from being abroad with an invalid green card.

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In which countries is a Green Card valid?

A Green Card is an international insurance certificate. This means that it is valid in all EU countries. In the Netherlands, you do not have to carry a Green Card with you. In some EU countries, however, it is compulsory to have a green card with you. These countries include Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Israel, Iran, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Ukraine, Russia, Serbia, Tunisia, Turkey, Macedonia and Belarus. If you are going to any of these countries by car, it is important that you have your green card with you, even if you are only driving through them. It is actually always advisable to have your green card with you. This does not necessarily have to be the original green card, but can also be a digital version on your phone. In case of emergency or breakdown you will always have your insurance details and important phone numbers at hand.

Is a copy of a green card also valid?

In the Netherlands, a copy of a green card is also valid. Nowadays, a green card is not green anymore, but white. Moreover, most insurers only send the green card digitally. This means that you can print the green card yourself in black and white. You can also save a copy of the PDF file or a screenshot on your mobile phone. You probably always have this with you and it is also a valid proof. In the European countries where a green card is obligatory, a copy is not always accepted. It is therefore wise to keep your original green card in the car and not just a screenshot.

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