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How can I take out contents insurance directly?

Have you read up on household contents insurance and want to take out one right now? Nowadays you can do that very easily online. No one wants to spend a lot of time filling out all kinds of forms. On Alpina.nl we have therefore made it very easy to take out household insurance. On this page we tell you how you can take out household contents insurance directly.

Compare home insurance policies now and choose the one that suits you best.

Before you can start, you need to know which contents insurance policy is best for you. To find out, it is best to compare household insurances. When comparing, look not only at the level of the premium, but also at the coverage and policy conditions. The basic coverage of a household insurance covers damage caused by fire, lightning, water, theft and vandalism. In addition to this basic coverage, you can choose additional coverage, such as an exterior coverage, or valuables insurance. The most extensive coverage is the all-risk household insurance.

To find the best home contents insurance, it is important that you look at the value of your possessions. Do you find it difficult to estimate the value? Then you can use the content value meter. This tool will help you to calculate the value of your household contents. The household value meter is based on various studies into the value of household effects for a large number of households in the Netherlands.

household insurance direct

Calculate the premium of your household insurance directly with our comparison tool

Before you take out home contents insurance, you want to know what the monthly premium will be. That is why you can calculate an indication of the premium with us. This is very easy with our online comparison tool. You need to fill in some details about your home and its contents, such as the year of construction and the type of home. By comparing household insurances, you can find out which insurance policy is best for you. Factors that play an important role in determining the premium are:

  • The coverage
  • The number of accumulated claim-free years
  • Your age
  • Your postal code

Contract contents insurance? Calculate the premium!

Get contents insurance through Alpina right away!

It is sensible to take out contents insurance as soon as you have your own belongings in a property. It does not matter whether the house is bought or rented. So take out home contents insurance now!

Once you have found a home insurance policy that suits you and your home, you can take out insurance online. Are you having problems or do you have any questions? You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00 on telephone number 088-6883700. Of course you can also send us a message via chat, WhatsApp or Messenger. We will be happy to help you!

See also our Frequently Asked Questions on household insurance.

Calculate the premium of your household insurance directly!

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