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What should I know about fire insurance for my home?

You are exploring the possibilities of fire insurance for your home. There are many insurers in this field, often with different premiums and conditions.

Fire or soot and smoke can damage your house itself, but also the belongings inside. To insure against fire damage to the house, you can take out buildings insurance. To insure against fire damage to your household contents, you can take out household contents insurance.

It is not possible to take out separate fire insurance for your house or contents. This is often part of the building and contents insurance. These insurances offer coverage for more types of damage than just fire damage.

What does fire insurance for my house cost?

The premium for fire insurance depends on a number of factors. These include:

  • address of the house
  • type and size of the dwelling
  • type of roofing
  • Year of construction of the dwelling
  • the coverage you want

As you can imagine, due to these many factors, it is not possible to quote an average premium for fire insurance. This depends entirely on your living situation and wishes. Via our website you can easily make a calculation for the insurance of your house and building (by entering the above mentioned data, among others).

What should I do if I move house, rent out my house or if my house becomes vacant?

Such changes in your situation should always be reported to the insurer immediately. This is because these can cause a change in the risk. So the insurer always wants to know these things in time.
If your insurance is through Alpina, you can report these changes to us. This can be done via the website or by phone. We will then ensure that the necessary information reaches your insurer, so that we can inform you of the consequences.

What can I do myself to prevent fire damage?

Prevention is better than cure. It is therefore wise to install smoke detectors in your home and to have a fire blanket/fire extinguisher.

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