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Is theft from the garage also covered by the contents insurance?

With contents insurance, you ensure that the contents of your home are insured against damage and theft. However, some people also have a garage in their home where they keep some of their possessions. What if there is a burglary and the thieves steal a car or expensive tools? Is the garage also insured with the contents insurance? We tell you.

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Theft from garage: covered by contents insurance?

When you take out household contents insurance, not only is your home insured, but also any outbuildings at the same address, such as a garage or shed. So if you have a garage with your home, it is also insured on your contents insurance. The same applies to items in your garden. The basic coverage of a contents insurance usually includes water damage, fire damage, theft, burglary, collision and falling trees. Theft from your garage is therefore included in the basic coverage of a contents insurance.

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Theft insurance for contents

A contents insurance offers standard coverage for theft and burglary. Most insurers also reimburse the damage caused by the burglary, for example if the burglars smash a window or break a lock. Do you keep valuables in your garage? Then you might consider taking out valuables insurance. Valuables include not only art, antiques and expensive jewellery, but also a modern laptop, expensive musical instruments and valuable film and photo equipment. A garage is not always used for storing cars, but sometimes also for storing sports equipment or tools, for example. Always take a good look at the theft policy conditions of your insurer. That way, you can be sure that the items in your garage are properly insured.

What should I do if my garage is stolen?

Has your garage been broken into? The most important thing is to always report burglary and theft to the police. You can then report the damage to your home contents insurer. Do you have contents insurance through Alpina? Then please contact us and we will help you.

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On you can easily compare household insurance policies. After entering a few details, a number of insurance policies will appear, tailored to your needs, with the corresponding premiums and policy conditions. Always check the policy conditions to see what your insurer says about garage coverage. Have you found a suitable home contents insurance? Then you can purchase it directly online.

Also consider a building insurance for your home or a liability insurance. If you take out several insurances with the same insurer, you can benefit from a package discount. Do you have any questions about household insurance? You can reach us from Monday to Friday between 08:00 and 18:00 on telephone number 088-6883700.

See also our Frequently Asked Questions on household insurance.

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