Does home insurance apply per person or per household?

Home contents insurance is not compulsory, but it is extremely useful. Do you want your belongings in the house covered against damage? Then household contents insurance is the insurance you need. You insure all items that are loose in your house. Think for example of your furniture.

But do you take out contents insurance purely for yourself or for the entire household? Consider here, for example, a student house. You have your own room here, but there is a partial household. What is then insured with contents insurance? And is this different if you live in the house with your family? In this blog, Alpina Insurance explains it for you.

When do you take out household insurance for your entire household?

You live with your entire family in the same house. In that case, a household contents insurance is also useful. In this case, insurers often cover the entire contents of your house and your family. It does not matter who in the family caused the damage. They are all insured against damage. It also hardly matters which items suffer damage. Unless there are exceptions in the policy. These exceptions usually include mobile phones, because they represent a high risk for the insurer. However, you can insure your mobile phone additionally.

However, it is important that everyone is registered at the same address. If someone is not registered at the same address, that person is not insured. Unless you have taken out an insurance policy that also covers damage caused by your guests.

Finally, it is useful to know that your children are co-insured up to the age of 18. After that, you will have to take out additional or separate household insurance for them.

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Last updated: 18-06-2021

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