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The insured amount of the contents insurance

The insured amount of the home contents insurance must be precisely determined. In the event of damage, you do not want to receive only a partial payment. The importance of the correct insured amount should not be underestimated.

The premium of the contents insurance depends on many factors. Traditionally, the insured amount is an important factor. When insuring, insurers take into account what the maximum claim in the insurance may be. In case of fire, a house can burn down to the ground within minutes. In that case, the contents are completely lost. It makes a difference to the insurer whether the household effects are insured for €20,000 or for €50,000. If the sum insured in the home contents insurance is too low, you will only receive a partial payment for the damage.


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What is underinsurance in household insurance?

Estimating the value of household goods is actually an impossible task. You have to include everything from clothing to electronics and the accessories in the kitchen. If it turns out that the value of your possessions is higher than insured, you will only be paid part of the damage. The payment is pro rata. If the contents are insured for €25,000, but the actual value is €50,000, you will be paid 25,000 / 50,000 x the damage amount. So only half. The actual value is estimated by an expert hired by the insurer.

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How can you estimate the insured amount?

You can go through the whole house with a list and estimate the value of everything. That is a laborious task and even then it is still an estimate. A better option is to use the knowledge and experience of insurers. They can make an estimate based on postcode and family composition, among other things. The advantage is that you can no longer be underinsured.

Specifying an insured amount is out of date

In modern contents insurance, you don't have to puzzle to determine the insured amount. At we offer a comparator where we assume only a few details. We want to know the family composition and your zip code and house number. An additional question is whether the house has a thatched roof. With these basic details, we can already calculate the premium. In the next step you can include outdoor coverage and insure smartphones and tablets. This is sufficient. We ask a few more questions to determine whether you are entitled to an additional discount and you can take out the contents insurance. You can also include other insurances in the comparison, such as home insurance.

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