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5 Tips for financing a car as an individual

Jan 13, 2021
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Buying a car is not a small expense in most cases. If you have the time to save up the necessary money, you do not have to use a third party to finance your new car. The advantage of saving is that you will have full ownership of the vehicle immediately upon payment. The downside of saving is that you must have saved the full amount before you can buy a car. This is not for everyone. Fortunately, there are ways to finance a car as an individual. Read Alpina's Tips here:

Tip 1: Borrow money from acquaintances

If you have a family member or an acquaintance who is willing to lend you the required amount, this is a good alternative. However, it is wise to put the mutual agreements on paper. This will prevent disagreements and it is clear to both parties what the rules are. The advantage of this method is that you can make flexible repayment arrangements. The disadvantage can be that if you are in arrears with your payment, you may end up with some angry faces.

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Tip 2: Personal loan

With a personal loan, you borrow exactly the amount you need to pay for your car. You then repay the borrowed amount in monthly installments. Of course, you will be charged interest. The advantage of a personal loan is that you can buy the car you want without having the full amount at your disposal. A disadvantage of a personal loan is the long repayment period. It is possible that you no longer own your car, but still have to pay off the loan.

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Tip 3: Flexible loan

The flexible loan allows you to buy the car through a loan from the selling party. The flexibility lies in the fact that once the full payment is made, you can decide whether you want to keep the car you bought or not. You can also want to trade it in for another car if that is your preference. The disadvantage of this option is that it is only offered by a few brands.

Tip 4: Lease purchase agreement

When buying a car through an installment plan agreement, you become the owner of the car after you have paid all the instalments. As long as the loan is in force, you can use the car as you wish, and you have to take care of car insurance and maintenance yourself. However, the car remains in the seller's name until you make the final payment. A quick way to purchase with flexible terms is positive to a rental agreement. However, due to the interest to be paid, you will pay much more for the car than the original price.

Tip 5: Leasing

As a final option, you can think about leasing. Here you pay a certain amount to the car dealer each month. This allows you to use the car from the very first day. One condition of leasing is a maximum mileage. Sometimes it is possible to take over the car after the lease term ends. The mileage limitation can be a disadvantage, as well as the total amount you paid after the period ends. Whatever your preference for financing the car, at least make sure you cover it properly with car insurance. By definition, buying a car involves a large sum of money. With good insurance, you can cover the car for certain damages. That way, all your efforts will not have been in vain and you will avoid a large claim in case of misfortune.

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