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Car insurance without MOT - What about it?

Aug 02, 2017
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Omitting the mandatory MOT inspection can have consequences in case of damage to your car. For the car insurance the MOT inspection is mandatory, at least as far as you are legally obliged. Not having a valid MOT can result in a fine and in the event of damage, your car insurance may not pay out.

The General Periodic Inspection is aimed at noticing defects on the car before accidents occur. Going on the road with slick tires or with faulty brakes poses dangers. After a MOT inspection, you are less likely to have accidents due to defects on the car or poor tread on the tires. An accident after the MOT inspection has expired can cause major problems.

Was the damage caused by poor maintenance?

Actually a bit lame that the insurer won't pay out because the car happens not to have a valid MOT inspection. The insurer should simply pay the claim if the accident was not caused by a defect in the car, but how do you prove it? The tricky thing is, the burden of proof is on the motorist. The insurer does not have to pay out because a valid MOT is included as an obligation in the policy terms. You are more likely to succeed if witnesses can explain how the accident occurred. Legal expenses insurance may be necessary in such cases.

car insurance without apk

Is your car not approved? Have the license plate suspended

You can avoid troublesome letters from the RDW or even a fine by suspending the registration before the inspection deadline. Keep in mind that after suspension you can no longer drive the car either. The car can possibly be transported to a garage. Driving a car with a suspended license plate is not the solution. During the period of suspension, you can also suspend your car insurance.

Car insurance without an MOT?

Car insurance without MOT, is this allowed? With an unapproved or a rejected car, you are not allowed on public roads. The insurance coverage lapses, so as the owner of the motor vehicle you are in violation. As long as the vehicle is not approved, you will be made aware of the obligation through letters from the RDW. The advice is not to have the car approved shortly before the deadline. It is best to take delays into account. For example, vehicle parts still have to be ordered.

Don't underestimate the need for a MOT inspection. After all, the consequences of driving an untested or rejected car can be dire.

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