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What is the current value of my car?

Aug 09, 2010
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When you look at the definition of the word daily value you get the following:

Value of an item in its condition on a given day (for example, the day before the disaster). The daily value is usually equal to the replacement value.
It is therefore useful to know what then is the definition of replacement value:

***This is a term defined in Art. 7:956 of the Civil Code: the amount required to acquire property equivalent in kind, quality, quantity, condition and age

So the daily value is the current value of your car. If you have just bought a car, then in principle the current market value is equal to the purchase value. Here we assume that you have not been swindled by the seller. The current value can be important to calculate the premium for car insurance .

Day value car including many extras

In addition to the car's data, a license plate check will also show you the information below:

  • Road tax
  • BPM
  • Tax addition
  • Daily value
  • c02 emission
  • cheapest insurance

It is also possible to determine the daily value based on the license plate number through various tools.

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