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Is insurance required for a moped?

Sep 15, 2016
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A moped is a cross between a moped and a car. From an insurance perspective, the vehicle falls under the heading of moped. Is moped insurance mandatory and what should you look for when insuring it?

The moped is known to many people as a 45-kilometer car. You do not need to have a car license for it, and compared to a car, the purchase is a smaller investment. This also explains the popularity of this motor vehicle.

What is a moped?

This four-wheeled moped has a maximum weight of 350 kg and the engine power cannot exceed 4 kW. You may drive the vehicle from the age of 16, but you must have a moped license for it. The vehicle must have a license plate.

Does the moped require mandatory insurance?

It is a motor vehicle subject to compulsory insurance. At a minimum, you must provide third-party liability (WA) insurance. The amount of the premium depends on the coverage chosen and, for example, your age and the number of accumulated claim-free years. You can choose between four insurance options, namely:

  • Third-party insurance
  • Third party liability + theft coverage
  • WA + theft and fire
  • Third party liability + theft, fire and collision (similar to the third party cascade for car insurance)

Special moped license for a microcar

It is often mistakenly thought that you can easily switch from a moped to a microcar. After all, you already have the driver's license. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. In order to be allowed to drive a moped, you must first take a practical test for it. Then you will receive code AM4 on your AM license. Only then are you authorized to drive the motor vehicle. Do you already have a car license or a motorcycle license? Then you do not need a separate moped license. The moped license will be added to the driving license.

Where are you allowed to drive the moped?

You may not drive the motor vehicle on roads that are not suitable for slow traffic. Thus, driving on highways and freeways is not allowed. Due to its size, the car is not welcome on the bike path. Thus, you must stay on the roadway.

On whom does the insurance obligation rest?

The owner of the vehicle is required to carry at least third-party insurance. Even if others drive the vehicle, the insurance taken out by the owner continues to provide coverage. In addition to the insurance options first discussed, you can take out useful additional policies, such as passenger indemnity insurance and legal expenses insurance.

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