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Which vehicles should be insured?

Mar 04, 2017
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For a car, motorcycle and scooter, it is obvious. These vehicles must be insured. There are also vehicles for which the insurance requirement is not clear to everyone. For example, should a trailer, a hoverboard and a Segway be insured? We are happy to clarify some of the questions that many people have.

When insuring motor vehicles, third-party liability insurance is the most important part. A collision can have major financial consequences. Therefore, motor vehicle owners are required to have third-party liability insurance. First we will explain the standard rules and then we will highlight some vehicles and explain why you should or should not insure them.

What is meant by a motor vehicle?

A motor vehicle is a mechanically propelled vehicle. But not all motor vehicles are subject to an insurance obligation. Actually, the bottom line is that an insurance obligation exists if a registration certificate has been issued for it. Certain groups of vehicles are exempt, and thus do not need to be insured because they pose hardly any danger.

Should you insure an airwheel or a hoverboard?

These vehicles still need an explanation for most people. An airwheel is an electronically propelled unicycle. A hoverboard is an electronic board with wheels under it that you can control by balancing. There is no insurance requirement, but that doesn't mean you can use the vehicle carefree. Both vehicles are not allowed on public roads. If damage is caused with them, the claim cannot be filed with an insurer. This is because private liability insurance (AVP) does not provide coverage either. You have to pay for any damage caused yourself. You should not think about someone becoming disabled because of such a vehicle.

Should a trailer be insured?

A trailer has a license plate and is driven on public roads. Yet they do not need to be insured. A trailer is in fact co-insured on the insurance of the towing vehicle. Even if it breaks loose. This coupling is not released until the trailer has come to a stop outside of traffic.

Should you insure a Segway?

A Segway is an electrically powered vehicle. By moving your body you can control the Segway. The vehicle does not go faster than 25 kilometers per hour. Liability is not co-insured on the AVP, but you must purchase motor insurance for it. These vehicles also have license plates.

Insuring a riding mower

The riding mower is basically subject to insurance requirements, but there is an exception. If the vehicle does not go on public roads, you are not required to have motor vehicle insurance. Here again there is an exception if the mower is used in places that are accessible to others. It varies per insurer whether or not the vehicle is insured on the AVP. This also depends on the maximum speed of the mower.

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