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Carefree vacation with your RV: did you know this about your RV insurance?

Apr 03, 2024
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Spring has begun! The days are getting longer again and the sun is shining more often. That also means RV season is starting up again. As an RV owner, if it's a good thing, you've taken out RV insurance. After taking out insurance, however, the policy often disappears into a (digital) folder that appears only in case of damage. Still, it is wise to regularly check if your insurance is still up-to-date. Things can change in the meantime. Perhaps you have moved or bought a new camper van, and you have not yet notified your insurer. There are also a number of points you should pay attention to when you take your campervan on vacation. Do this before you leave, so you can take a carefree trip with your RV this spring.

Is motorhome insurance mandatory?

In the Netherlands, as with a car, you are required by law to have at least third-party insurance. This is the cheapest camper insurance, but not the most comprehensive. A limited-casco or all-risk camper insurance is not mandatory, but advisable, since the value of a camper can increase considerably. Is your RV insurance coverage still adequate for your RV? If you still have questions about the coverage or want to change the coverage you can always contact us.

Green card abroad

After taking out RV insurance, you will receive the green card from your insurer. The green card is the international certificate of insurance. With it you can prove that your camper is insured. The camper insurance is valid in the countries for which the green card has been issued. These are the countries on the back of the green card not are crossed out. Are you going on vacation abroad with your camper? Then you may need to have the paper version of your green card with you. This is currently still the case in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Morocco, Moldova, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Ukraine, Tunisia and Turkey.

Starting January 1, 2025, all countries must accept a digital green card. So until then, you will still need a paper green card in some countries. So take it with you when you take your RV on vacation to or travel through one of these countries.

RV alarm certificate

Do you have RV insurance with limited hull or all-risk coverage? Then your insurer will require that you present a valid SCM certificate in case of theft and burglary. On your policy you can find out which alarm system is required for your camper. After the alarm system has been installed, you will receive an alarm certificate. The certificate serves as proof, for the insurance company, that your vehicle is protected with an approved security system. The validity period of the certificate is 36 months from the date of issue. After these 36 months, the security system must be re-inspected every 12 months. Therefore, before leaving, check that your alarm certificate is still valid.

Number of seats

The registration certificate of a newer motorhome shows how many seats it has. These seats are equipped with seat belts. In that case, the rule is: seats with belts may be used while driving, other seats may not.

In older motorhomes, the number of seats is not shown on the registration certificate. There, all seats that have seat belts may be used while driving. Older motorhomes may have seats that do not have seat belts but are intended for use while driving.

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