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rabbit insurance

Rabbit insurance

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You are probably familiar with pet insurance. Most people are familiar with cat insurance and dog insurance, but did you know that you can also take out rabbit insurance? If your beloved pet is a rabbit, you may want to consider getting pet insurance for your rabbit. With this policy you are insured in case your rabbit gets unexpectedly sick or needs surgery. Not only is it nice to know that your rabbit will get good care, but it also offers financial security because you avoid unexpected high medical costs. A nice feeling!

Why insure your rabbit?

A pet is usually a beloved part of the family. That is why you want the best for your rabbit. You would rather not think about it, but your rabbit can also get sick. With rabbits, it is often difficult to assess how they feel. A rabbit does not easily show when he is not feeling well or in pain. This is why it often happens unexpectedly. Unfortunately, it happens more often that owners do not go to the vet with a sick rabbit, because they are afraid of high costs. With a rabbit insurance you can be sure that you can pay the medical costs. So you never have to choose between caring for your rabbit and your wallet.

Benefits of rabbit insurance

Taking out rabbit insurance has several advantages:

  • With a rabbit insurance you can be sure that you are insured for the costs of medical care for your rabbit. These costs can sometimes be high, for example if surgery is required or if you need expensive medication.
  • You decide which cover to take out for your rabbit insurance. This way you can influence the monthly premium.
  • With pet insurance, you can offer your rabbit better care. Without insurance, the high costs may force you to make a different decision than if you had taken out insurance. For example euthanasia instead of an appointment with a specialist.

What does rabbit insurance cover?

Want to know what's covered with rabbit insurance? Take a look at the reimbursement overview to see what is covered for your pet.

What does rabbit insurance cost?

The cost of rabbit insurance depends on a number of factors. Based on these factors, the insurer will determine the amount of the premium. These factors include the age, weight and breed or crossbreed of your rabbit. In addition, the costs depend on the coverage you take out. Of course, the broader the coverage, the higher the premium. The Total package is the most extensive cover, but you will pay more per month for it. Finally, the costs depend on any additional coverage. With a rabbit insurance you can take out the additional coverage Cremation. This also covers the costs for the cremation, including transport after death.

Take out cheap rabbit insurance directly through Alpina

Looking for cheap rabbit insurance? At you can insure your rabbit from just a few euros per month! This insures all costs after an accident. If you prefer slightly more extensive insurance, you can also choose the Basic, Plus or Total package. It is best to insure your rabbit at a young age. Earlier complaints are in fact excluded from coverage temporarily or sometimes for life.

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Calculate the premium of your rabbit insurance directly!

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