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Is it possible to insure an older cat?

Cat insurance provides protection for unexpected, high costs that sometimes come with a visit to the vet. Therefore, when purchasing a cat, it is wise to consider insurance. Most cat insurance policies are taken out when the animal is still young. You then pay a lower premium and often you can include the first vaccinations and an identification chip in the insurance. But what about when your beloved cat is a bit older. Is it possible to insure an older cat? In this article, we will explain whether it is wise to take out cat insurance for an older cat.

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Why do insurers have a hard time insuring an old cat?

It is possible to take out cat insurance for an older cat. Up to which age this is possible, however, differs per insurer. Insurers use a maximum age for insuring a cat.

Insurers take a cat's age into account to determine the amount of the premium. They assume that medical costs will increase as your cat gets older. An older cat has more chances of getting ailments than a younger cat. Many insurers will do a medical examination from a certain age. Through a medical examination they try to find out if your cat is still healthy in order to assess the risk. After a certain age, the risk becomes too high for the insurer. Therefore, it is sometimes not possible to insure an older cat. However, if you are rejected by an insurer, you may be able to get insurance from another provider. The maximum age is different for each insurer.

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Cat older than 11 years usually not insurable

Insurers all have their own maximum age limits. With one insurer you can insure a cat up to 7 years and with another up to 11 years. With most insurers, however, it is not possible to insure a cat older than 11 years. You can also ask yourself up to what age it is profitable for you to take out cat insurance. You can still insure an older cat just fine. Often cats get more ailments at an older age and need to visit the vet more often for a check-up. However, cat insurance is cheapest when a cat is still young. The premium for an older cat can be quite high. The monthly premium may not be proportional to the costs covered by the insurance. In addition, also keep in mind the 30-day waiting period that most insurers use.

Would you like to insure an older cat? If you enter some information about your cat in our online comparison tool, we can give you a list of all the insurers you can insure your cat with.

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