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Car insurance - when does the insurer not offer coverage?

Feb 20, 2017
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A car you get in your name must also be insured. However, there are situations where car insurance does not provide coverage. These are exceptional cases, but it is important to know about them. Did you know that car insurance often does not provide coverage if you act as a cab? There are other circumstances, for example, in which car insurance coverage lapses.

The policy conditions of most insurance policies include a number of exclusions as standard. These are circumstances where you cannot claim on the insurance. Here you have to think of intent and war. There are also a number of exclusions specific to car insurance. What they are and what they entail we would like to explain.

Participating in speed contests by car is this punishable?

During speed races, you have a significantly higher chance of damage. So it makes sense that the insurer does not offer coverage in car insurance. It is also not often that speed contests are organized where regular cars can participate. The police will also take strict action against this because it does not improve road safety on public roads. When racing on a closed course, you are also not insured.

What happens when you drive under the influence of drugs and alcohol

You have a problem if you get behind the wheel with too much alcohol and cause an injury. Your car's insurer will reimburse the other party for the damage, but then recover from the inebriated driver. Driving under the influence of drugs has the same effect. This is often thought of less severely by drug users, but also carries a great risk. In fact, insurers do not offer coverage in that case either.

Driving without a valid license what now?

Only a valid driver's license allows you to drive a car. If you have temporarily lost your license due to a serious traffic violation, the insurance will not provide coverage in case you do start driving the car. The same applies if you lend the car to someone without a license. In that case, you are responsible for the conduct of the unlicensed driver.

Intentionally causing damage

An insurer provides coverage against uncertain occurrences. Intentionally caused damage is not insurable. Intentionally caused damage by others is insured again on the WA-casco car insurance. The insurer does then have the right to recover damages from the person who caused the damage.

Natural disaster or disaster?

Not everything can be insured. With a violent earthquake or flood, the damage is incalculable. The damage is so great that no insurer is portable enough to repair it. Damage from such natural disasters is not covered in auto insurance. The same applies to a disaster such as a nuclear reaction.

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