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Damage-free years for mopeds must be included in Roy data

Oct 07, 2020
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In the broadcast of RADAR of Monday, October 5, 2020 was focused on keeping track of accrued claim-free years with moped insurance. The broadcast revealed that a large number of insurers do not declare the number of claim-free years kan issue, because this is not in the systemen would be tracked.
However, this is not quite correct. There are namely insurers dwho do keep records.

Richard Weurding, director of the Association of Insurers, has indicated that insurers should provide a uniform overview of claims history that should be ready in early 2021. After this insurers will be able to start implementing this. To solve this "problem" in the short term, there is talk of a form instead of, as with car insurance, a central database (Roy-data).

"A missed opportunity," said Marc Diks, director of marketing communications and online. "As early as 2019, we advocate the inclusion of moped claim-free years in the Roy-data database". Where the insured previously received a one-time paper termination statement when terminating a car insurance, showing the number of accrued claim-free years, the claim-free years are now registered after the cancellation by the relevant insurer since 2007 in Roy-Dataso that the new insurer can easily check and take over the accrued claim-free years.

"This is the time to now include these claim-free years for moped insurance as well. The infrastructure is already there. Why should we go back to an old-fashioned system of a paper statement?" said Marc Diks.

Roy data. Not perfect, but better than a paper statement

The Roy data system is not 100% perfect. A intermediary does not have access to this database, which is desirable. See also our article from 2013 " Alpina wants real-time database of claim-free years" Nevertheless, Roy data for taking over accrued claim-free years between insurers works fine and also fits in these digital times.

Abolish the term claim-free years

Perhaps we should also immediately abolish the confusing term "claim-free years" or stop the system of claim-free years altogether. The customer sees claim-free years as the years that he has driven damage-free in his life, while the effect of the bonus/malus ladder often results in a completely different number of claim-free years. The customer wants to be rewarded and the Dutchman loves to save. For this reason, Alpina proposes to rewarding the customer not with 'claim-free years' but with 'savings points' for each year that no damage has been claimed on the insurance policy. "This takes away the lack of clarity, miscommunication and misunderstanding over the term 'claim-free years' away and makes it clear that if in your lifetime you have, say, ten yesar claim-free driving, you cannot use them on multiple policies. You save with claim-free years or rather savings points per policy for discount on the insurance premium."


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