no-bill insurance

No (monthly) bill with insurance

June 23, 2020

Marc Diks
Last updated: 28-09-2022

It is common for us to receive requests from corporate clients to send monthly invoices regarding the premium collected on a policy.

When you purchase insurance, you can determine the insurance payment period. This can be per month, quarter, six months or per year. When you choose a monthly payment, for example, you basically divide the annual amount into 12 equal installments. As a result, you pay the same amount with each collection and insurers do not issue an invoice with each collection. They like to refer you to the premium amount listed on the policy schedule. This premium amount is leading.

Do you have a current policy with Voogd & Voogd insurances through Alpina? Then it is possible to view your policies online. You can also view your policies via the 'Mijn Polismap app'. The app is suitable for smartphones and tablets and can be downloaded from the App store and Google Play store.
After taking out insurance with Voogd & Voogd insurances, you will be sent a login code by e-mail.

Set off VAT on insurance

In general, you can only offset VAT on business expenses for which you receive a proper invoice. In the Netherlands, you do not pay VAT on insurance. Therefore it is also not possible to offset the VAT. You do pay 21% insurance tax on insurance premiums. This percentage corresponds to the high VAT rate, which is also 21%. For this reason, many people mistakenly think that VAT is paid on insurance.

Questions regarding premium payments

For questions regarding premium payments, please contact the respective insurer directly. Premium payments are not made through Alpina, but should be paid directly to the insurer. The insurer is the collecting party. They can answer your questions regarding premium payments for you. On this page you will find the phone number for each insurer.

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