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Potentially dramatic consequences of filling out claim form

Oct 07, 2019
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The Association of Insurers (UvV) is going to call attention to alarming risks in claims handling in the European context, according to a Telegraph article published last weekend.

Completing a claim form, after a collision, is mandatory for all parties involved. On a claim form, you enter private information, such as your address. This makes these details easy for the other party to find out. This can have dramatic consequences in any dispute over the question of guilt.

Consequences of filling out claim form

There are a number of examples mentioned in the article published by the Telegraph. For example, a man was seriously threatened after he had a conflict with the person who had driven into his car. He was chased and searched at home. In the end, his car was set on fire.

Another victim is still not safe from the motorist who collided with her car two years ago and refused to accept blame for the accident. After filling out the claim form, the misery began. For example, the boy who hit her knew exactly where she lived. Her car was completely destroyed the same evening. All the windows were out and there were scratches and dents everywhere.

Less data on claim form?

Following these events, the Dutch Association of Insurers wonders whether it is possible to do this with less data than what is currently required to be filled in. The current claim form cannot simply be adapted by insurers. This claim form is used by all insurers in Europe. In the Netherlands it cannot be changed just like that. A proposal is being considered, however, to only have to provide the details of insurance companies from now on.

It is unclear how common it is for claims settlements to result in this type of situation. As far as we know, no figures are kept on this form of crime. The Insurers' Association is aware of the major impact for victims and will bring this issue to the attention of 'Insurance Europe'.

Handling of damage

The procedure after a collision is now as follows: Of course, you must first get yourself to safety and call any emergency services if necessary.

Then you must fill out the claim form. When there is a two-sided damage with another vehicle, you both fill out the claim form. See if you can find witnesses to give a statement. Also take pictures of the collision. Then contact your insurer to discuss what the next steps are. Make sure you have your green card handy. Also see if it is wise to continue driving. If your car needs to be towed, contact the emergency center. If your car is seriously damaged and it cannot be repaired on the spot, the roadside assistance will drive your car to a storage facility. This is often a garage. Check first with your insurer whether you are covered for this.

If only the registration number of the other party is known, then the details can be requested by your insurer or from the police. If the other party is unknown, you can try to recover the damage from the Motor Traffic Guarantee Fund.
You can also use your legal assistance insurance to recover the damage from the other party. With WA limited hull or all-risk car insurance, the insurer will most likely compensate, regardless of liability.

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