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How can I use surplus value to make my home more sustainable?

Jun 30, 2023
6 min reading time

Have you lived in your owner-occupied home for a bit longer? Then chances are you have a surplus value. You have a surplus value if the sale value of your home is higher than the remaining mortgage debt. This excess value can be used in several ways. One of these ways is to use the equity to make your home more sustainable.

Why make it sustainable?

More and more people are making their homes more sustainable. With high energy costs and rising home prices, making your home more sustainable is often an attractive option because it will pay you a lot in both the short and long term. Although you will probably pay slightly more for your mortgage, your energy costs will actually go down. In addition, you increase the value of your home, because you get a better energy label. Moreover, you also contribute to a better environment, because by making your home more sustainable you reduce your energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

Gas and electricity still a lot more expensive

At the end of 2021, prices of energy contracts with fixed tariffs rose sharply. Variable tariffs also went up and rose to record levels last year. Although the energy market has calmed down this year, gas and electricity are still a lot more expensive than two years ago. However, energy suppliers are now daring again to offer longer-term energy contracts to (new) customers.

The war in Ukraine also plays a role in the increase in sustainability. When gas supplies were reduced or sometimes even temporarily stopped during the war, there was an energy crisis in Europe. This showed us how uncertain the future is. Although the market is now somewhat more stable, no one knows exactly what energy prices will do. In any case, by becoming more sustainable, you can be sure that you will soon use less energy.

Cabinet wants to make sustainable home affordable for all

In recent years, more and more houses have already been made more sustainable. To stimulate further preservation, the cabinet has set aside additional money. There is an additional package of 900 million euros, especially for lower and middle incomes. In this way they want to make a sustainable house affordable for everyone and lower the energy costs for every household. Until 2023 they therefore invest a total of 13 billion euros in sustainability measures. Separately, they are investing another 1.5 billion euros to make homes in Groningen more sustainable.

Become sustainable as well?

Want to use your surplus value to make your home more sustainable? Or do you have another mortgage question? If so, please be sure to contact us. No two mortgages and situations are the same. Our mortgage advisors will be happy to provide you with expert advice, tailored to your personal situation and wishes.

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