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Home Blog Storm damage: what to do?

Storm damage from storms: what should you do?

Jul 09, 2024
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KNMI has issued code orange for late afternoon and tonight for large parts of the country because of heavy thunderstorms. A severe storm can cause a lot of inconvenience and damage. Of course you try to prevent damage as much as possible by taking preventive measures, but sometimes it does not work. Have you suffered storm damage? In this blog we will tell you about storm damage and your insurance.

Am I insured for storm damage by default?

A severe storm can do a lot of damage to such things as your home, belongings or car. Insurers speak of a storm when there is at least wind force 7. Fortunately, a lot of damage is compensated if you are insured for it. Storm damage to your car is insured, depending on the type of coverage you have taken out. Damage to your home is covered by your home insurance and damage to your belongings can be recovered from your home insurance company. However, a separate deductible applies to storm damage. The amount of the deductible determines the part of the damage that is for your own account. Also, the coverage for storm damage can differ from one insurer to another. Your advisor can help you with that.

I have storm damage to my car

Storm damage to your car is insured if you have a WA + Limited Casco or WA + Full Casco (All-risk) car insurance. If your car is WA insured, you are unfortunately not insured for storm damage. With this coverage you are only insured for damage you cause to others.

I have storm damage to my property

A big storm can also cause considerable damage to your home. Think of broken roof tiles, a blown down fence, damaged solar panels or serious water damage. Storm damage to your home is covered by your home insurance. However, there is a higher deductible for storm damage than for other damage. The excess often starts at €250, but can vary from one insurer to another. When damage is caused by a storm, you first pay your own risk. The rest of the damage is compensated by the insurer. When taking out your home insurance, you choose the amount of the deductible. In your policy you can find the amount of your deductible.

I have storm damage to my belongings

Loose items in your garden can easily be damaged during a storm. With contents insurance, these items are insured, such as a parasol, barbecue or lounge set. The coverage can differ from one insurer to another. One insurer will only compensate if something is blown against your belongings from the outside, such as a fallen tree. Also, not all insurers compensate damage to the plants in your garden. The exact coverage can be found in the policy conditions of your insurer. Your advisor can help you with this.

What should I do in the event of storm damage?

In case of storm damage, it is important that you contact your intermediary or insurance company as soon as possible. They can tell you exactly what to do and what you are entitled to. When you have a clear understanding of the damage and an indication of the cost to repair it, they can give you clarity the quickest. If you have to make your own emergency arrangements to ensure that the damage does not get worse then of course that is agreed, it is in everyone's interest. It may also be that the insurer will send an expert by to assess the damage. It is also wise to take photos of the damage. You can use those later to support your claim.

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