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BBQ season has begun! Tips for a safe BBQ

Jul 24, 2023
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Summer is in full swing, temperatures are rising and vacations have begun. That also means that BBQ season has arrived again. During the summer months in the Netherlands we love nothing more than having a nice barbecue together with friends or family. On a warm summer evening you can smell that typical barbecue smell everywhere and hear the buzz of conversation. Unfortunately, this conviviality sometimes makes us less attentive than we should be. As a result, accidents regularly happen while barbecuing that could have easily been prevented. That's why I like to share these tips for a safe BBQ with you!

General BBQ tips

  • Always place the barbecue on a flat surface and make sure it cannot be knocked over
  • Shield the barbecue with a windbreak
  • Consider the wind direction (in connection with sparks blowing over) and choose a wind-free location
  • Do not wear highly flammable clothing near the barbecue
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher, fire blanket or bucket of sand handy

 Barbecuing with a charcoal BBQ

  • Never barbecue in the house! This is because glowing charcoal gives off a lot of carbon monoxide. You then run the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Use charcoal or briquettes as fuel. Briquettes are safer because they do not produce sparks. In addition, they burn longer and more evenly
  • Use special firelighters or liquid when lighting the barbecue. Never use gasoline, petroleum or spirit
  • Do not blow into the fire, use a bellows or fan
  • Cover a still-burning or smoldering barbecue with sand after use
  • Never move a burning or hot barbecue

Barbecuing with an electric BBQ

  • Beware of rain. The combination of water and electricity causes short circuits
  • So don't put an electric barbecue near a pond or swimming pool either
  • Beware of tripping hazards: lay the cord flat on the ground and as little as possible in the walking route
  • Unroll the extension cord completely!
  • Unplug immediately after use

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