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Tips on taking out pet insurance lying dog
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Tips on getting pet insurance

Apr 26, 2022
3 min reading time

Just like us humans, you can also get insurance for your animal. This will cover most of the costs you incur for any surgery or medication. The monthly premium, which you pay for your pet's insurance, is usually quite a bit lower than the costs you incur when your pet needs care. So it may be wise to insure your dog, cat or other pet against any medical procedures or illnesses. As with health insurance for ourselves, it is also important to compare different insurers for your pet. In this article, we'll tell you why

Why pet insurance?

Getting insurance for your pet can take a lot of financial stress off your shoulders. It is also annoyingly common in our country that there are simply no financial resources to pay for any necessary surgery. The consequences are then often disastrous. Your pet may experience permanent discomfort or even have to be euthanized. The costs for an operation can be very high. If you choose pet insurance, part of these costs will be reimbursed. This way, when your financial situation does not allow it, you will not have to make a very difficult choice. The cost of minor surgery is often not very exciting. This will usually not be much more expensive than the purchase of an anita bra, but when your animal has to undergo surgery, the costs are comparable to the cost of a vacation.

Cost of pet insurance

The cost of insurance for your pet depends on a number of important factors. As you can imagine, insuring an aging pet is usually a bit pricier than insuring your pet from the beginning. Also, both breed and weight affect the amount of the monthly premium to be paid. Of course, the actual premium also depends on which insurer you choose. Because this can vary from provider to provider. For example, it could very well be, that if you go running with your dog during a hot summer day in your sports bra and something happens to your dog, it will not be covered by the insurer. So don't only compare the price of different providers, but also study the policy conditions carefully.

Older dog

When your dog is at an advanced age, it may be wise not to opt for insurance. You can imagine, namely, that the chance of problems with an older dog is a lot bigger than with a young dog. Therefore, the costs for the premium will usually also be a lot higher. So if you have an aging dog, you will have to ask yourself whether the costs for the premium outweigh the possible costs to be paid in case of an intervention. With an older dog, it is wise not to overexert himself physically. If you are going for a run, put on your sports leotard, leave your dog at home.

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