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When can I retire?

Feb 09, 2024
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Your retirement age depends on several factors such as your year of birth, development of life expectancy and your own pension plan. If your accrued pension from your own pension plan allows it, you can even retire earlier than your retirement age. So your retirement age is not equal to the state pension age by default.

What about this, then?

Your retirement age depends on your pension plan, and generally pension plans have increased the retirement age from 65 to 68. Pension plans link the effective date of your pension to the minimum retirement age and not to the state pension age.

But then what is the state pension age?

The AOW age is also no longer fixed, but depends on your year of birth and the development of life expectancy. Each year, CBS sets the AOW age depending on life expectancy for 5 years from now. So the AOW age goes up in steps.

Year AOW age*
2024 67 years
2025 67 years
2026 67 years
2027 67 years
2028 67 years and 3 months
2029 67 years and 3 months

Want to know what your AOW age is? Calculate it at the Social Insurance Bank.

Linking retirement age to your state pension age

Fortunately, you can have your retirement age linked to the state pension age. In that case, you yourself must inform the pension providers in time of the desired effective date of your pension. That way you can equalize the effective date of your pension and AOW. Do you need help? Most pension providers have a helpdesk to support you. Or make an appointment with one of our pension specialists.

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