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Winter sports insurance: safe in the snow

Feb 08, 2024
3 min reading time

Winter sports enthusiasts beware! Are you about to leave for the snowy mountains for an unforgettable ski vacation? In this blog you will read everything you need to know to go on winter sports with peace of mind.

Winter sports are a highlight of the year for many, but they also come with risks. A good travel insurance policy provides for you and or your family coverage for unforeseen events, so you can enjoy yourself to the fullest.

Why winter sports insurance?

Winter sports coverage is not a stand-alone insurance, but an addition to your travel insurance. With coverage for special sports, you are insured for damage while practicing winter sports, mountain sports, aerial sports or high-risk water sports (such as rafting). Sledging, ice skating, cross-country skiing and diving are insured as standard. In addition to the special sports coverage, you also have additional covers for luggage, travel breakdown and medical treatment, among other things.

What should you count on?

With the special sports coverage you are insured for during winter sports:

  1. Assistance during winter sports: in case of accidents or illness on the slopes.
  2. Ski passes, ski lessons and rental of ski and snowboard equipment: if you are unable to play winter sports due to an accident or illness.
  3. Cost of search and rescue: if you ski or snowboard off-piste.   

Why additional coverage for winter sports?

Imagine, you slip unhappily on the slopes and break your leg. Medical costs in popular winter sports countries, such as Austria or Switzerland, can be considerably higher than in the Netherlands. With an additional coverage for medical expenses on your continuous travel insurance, these additional costs are covered. This way, you don't have to worry about financial burdens in an already unpleasant situation.

Choose Europe or world coverage

When taking out your travel insurance you can choose between European coverage or world coverage. European coverage covers all European countries, including specific areas such as the Azores, Canary Islands, and more. With World coverage, you are insured worldwide, including the Netherlands Antilles.

Alpina's advice: continuous travel insurance for worry-free travel enjoyment

Want to go on vacation with peace of mind? Then choose a continuous travel insurancesupplemented with winter sports coverage. This way, you are comprehensively protected against unforeseen events. Don't forget to choose the coverages carefully so that they perfectly match your travel plans.

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