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Home Blog Making your home more sustainable: how do you finance it?

Making your home more sustainable: how do you finance it?

Apr 19, 2023
6 min reading time

Making a home more sustainable is not cheap, but it does pay off handsomely. Improving the energy label of your home will increase its value. In addition, you may use less energy, which will reduce your monthly energy costs. That's nice with today's energy rates. You also contribute to a better environment. For example, you could install solar panels, purchase a heat pump or insulate your home. Of course, this comes at a price. However, there are different ways to finance the preservation of your home. We have listed them for you below.

What methods of financing are there?

Making a home more sustainable naturally costs money. Exactly how much it costs depends on which sustainability measure(s) you implement. Sometimes it is an amount of money that you do not have lying around. That is why there are various options for financing sustainability. Which way suits you best depends on your personal situation.

Finance home preservation with a grant

Several municipalities offer a subsidy scheme for making your home more sustainable. They want to stimulate sustainability. Always check with your municipality to see if there is such a subsidy scheme. There are also national subsidies, such as the Energy Savings Loan. On energiesubsidiewijzer.nl you can see the possibilities.

Financing sustainable home with your mortgage

When taking out a mortgage, you can borrow extra for energy-saving measures. This can be up to 106% of the value of the home, with a maximum of €9,000. There is always an income test when taking out a mortgage. This test determines how much you can borrow. If you make your home more sustainable, you can borrow more in certain situations. Good to know is that your income must be at least €33,000. If you increase your mortgage to carry out sustainability measures, your mortgage costs will of course also increase.

Finance home preservation with a loan

Another option is to take out a loan to help finance preservation. This is also called consumer credit. Consumer credit refers to different types of private loans, including a personal loan. You borrow an amount to carry out the preservation measures or to buy materials for this purpose. The interest rate on a consumer loan is often higher than on a mortgage loan, but the cost of taking out a personal loan is much lower.

Taking out a mortgage or loan?

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