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Can I get a car insurance with an alcohol history?

Alcohol and driving do not mix, as we all know. The moment you do get behind the wheel with alcohol, it can have unpleasant consequences for your car insurance. Chances are that your insurance company will not pay for the damage and will cancel the insurance immediately. It then becomes more difficult to get car insurance with an alcohol history.

Car insurance and alcohol

TPL insurance pays for the car damage you cause to another person. The insurer is legally obliged to pay this damage, even when you have drunk alcohol. But in many cases insurers do have an exclusion on the car insurance for damage caused by alcohol. Do you cause damage because you have been drinking alcohol? Then the insurer will reimburse the other party for the damage. This way, the innocent party is never the victim of someone else's alcohol consumption. However, some insurers will recover the costs incurred from the offender.

Car insurance alcohol history

What happens if I have damage to my car due to alcohol?

TPL insurance compensates for damage you cause to another person. With limited hull or all risk coverage, you are also insured for damage to your own car. However, when you have had too much to drink, your insurer will not reimburse you. Do you drive into a tree or a pole with alcohol behind the wheel? You will have to pay for the damage yourself. Which can quickly amount to a lot of money.

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Can you cancel car insurance after alcohol abuse?

Besides the fact that in many cases you will pay for the damages yourself, alcohol abuse behind the wheel can have other unpleasant consequences for your car insurance. For example, the insurer may decide to terminate your car insurance immediately. From that moment on, you are no longer insured and will have to take out new car insurance elsewhere.

If you are caught with a blood-alcohol level of 1.3 or higher? Then the prosecutor can impose a driving ban on you. This period varies from a few hours to a year. During this period, you are not allowed to drive any motor vehicle. After this period, a driving disqualification can cause problems in obtaining new car insurance.

Car insurance with alcohol history is it difficult?

Has your car insurance been terminated because of damage caused by alcohol? Then it is important that you start looking for a new insurer as soon as possible. This can be quite difficult, since insurers will ask a number of questions about your history with alcohol. Based on a number of questions, the insurer will decide on a case-by-case basis whether to accept you or not. In the cases below, it can be difficult to get new insurance:

  • Driving disqualification: you have been issued a driving disqualification for driving with alcohol.
  • Not insured: you have not been insured for a while.
  • Insurer cancellation: you have a cancellation by an insurer to your name

Insurers see you as an extra risk when you have had a driving disqualification. In many cases, you cannot get new car insurance until five to eight years after the driving disqualification is over.

Vereende; car insurance with alcohol history is possible?

What should you do at a time when you keep getting rejected by different insurers? In that case, you may be able to turn to the Vereende, a company set up by several insurers specifically for people who pose a high risk to the individual companies. The Vereende will accept car insurance in most cases, but the premium will be significantly higher than for regular car insurance. This higher premium is because of the higher risk. How high the premium is depends on a number of factors.

Also, you often have a deductible with third-party insurance. This excess must be paid in advance together with the premium. The Vereende will also assess per application whether it is accepted or not. In addition, additional conditions often apply when taking out insurance. Alpina is an intermediary for the Vereende. This means that with us you can take out insurance with the Vereende.

If you cause an accident while drinking alcohol, will the insurance company reimburse you for the damage to the other party's car? And the damage to your own car?

The answer to this question depends on several factors. First, it is important to know that every motorist in the Netherlands is required to have third-party insurance. This is insurance that compensates for damage you cause with your car to other vehicles or objects.

If you cause an accident while under the influence of alcohol, it may affect how your insurance company pays for damages. In some cases, the insurance company may pay for the damage to the other party's car, but then you may have to pay the insurance company the damage amount. This depends on the specific terms of your insurance policy.

In addition, it is also possible for the insurance company to terminate your insurance if you cause an accident while under the influence of alcohol. How your own insurance company handles this situation can be read in your insurance policy terms and conditions. So it is important to read carefully exactly what your insurance covers and how they handle accidents caused by alcohol consumption.

In general, it is wise to always drive carefully and not drink alcohol before getting behind the wheel. This will prevent you from causing an accident and prevent you from getting into financial trouble due to damage to your own car or that of others.

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