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What about the insurance in case of a collision?

If you have been in a car collision, there are a number of things you need to take care of right away for car insurance. Below is an overview of the steps you need to take to recover damages after a collision with your car.

What to do after a car collision?

It can happen to anyone; you hit a pole with your car, or damage occurs due to collision with another vehicle. The cause does not matter. you want to know what to do after a collision with your car. In doing so, it depends on whether it is a single-sided damage or a two-sided damage. A single-sided damage is when there is no other party involved, but when you hit a pole or tree. A two-sided damage is when there does have a collision with another road user. When there is an opposing party, this is where the question of fault comes into play.

The moment you caused the damage, the other party will want to hold you liable. This is why third-party insurance is so important and also mandatory. This compensates you for the car damage you cause to another vehicle or person.

Guarantee Fund

What steps should I take after an accident?

The important thing is to act immediately after the collision. Of course, you should first get yourself to safety and call any emergency services if necessary. When necessary, you can call the emergency center number listed on the green card.

Then you have to fill out the claim form. In a single-sided damage, the question of fault does not play a role. When there is a two-sided damage with another vehicle, you both fill out the claim form. See if you can find witnesses to give a statement. Also, take as many photos of the collision as possible. Then contact your car insurance company to discuss what the next steps are. Make sure you have your green card handy. Also see if it is wise to continue driving. If your car needs to be towed, contact the emergency center. If your car is seriously damaged and it cannot be repaired on the spot, the roadside assistance will drive it to a storage place. Often this is a garage. Check first with the insurer whether you are covered for this.

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What about my car insurance after a collision?

The moment you have an accident and suffer damage to your vehicle, it is important that you always report it to your car insurance company. Your insurer will look into whether you are entitled to compensation. Are you not all-risk insured and is the other party unknown? Then under certain conditions you can appeal to the Guarantee Fund. If you meet all the conditions, you may still be able to have the damage repaired. We can help you file a claim with the Guarantee Fund.

Compensation after a collision

After a collision, as a victim you are entitled to compensation. Not only for material damage, but also for immaterial damage. This is also known as damages. How much compensation you can claim after a collision depends on how many expenses you have to incur. In principle, 50% to 100% of the damage is compensated. If the collision was not your fault, the entire damage is compensated. Here you can think of different costs. Not only the damage to your vehicle and personal belongings, but also medical expenses and loss of income.

We can also help with personal injury

Also when you have personal injury, we can assist you. We work with specialized partners such as 112Schade who will try to recover all damages for you. Think of damages, lost income and much more.

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